People's worship of the is strong. Am getting the feeling nobody won't to change, we are going down the path with no option to turn.

I've been swinging from "we can still fix this" to "stupid humans, just wipe yourselves out already" to "I'm Mad Max preparing to survive the apocalypse".

The pendulum is stabilising between options 2 & 3, I can't see us fixing things anymore. We could still save billions of people, I just don't see governments acting.

@LearnTribe @witchescauldron Sad state of affairs. I'm half way between Trying to fix things though I know it won't happen, and Preparing myself to witness thing I don't want to see.

@tuttle @LearnTribe yep I get knock back in denial of the mess we are in. What to do with this?

@witchescauldron @tuttle
I wish I knew. I'm working on improving my family's self sufficiency, planning ahead so we won't starve when food chain collapses. At the same time I'm doing what I can to reduce my footprint & advocate with work & wider network to take it seriously in hope we can avoid the worst.
My government is authoritarian capitalist & labels eco-activists as terrorists. More people need to wake up for direct action to gain public support.

@LearnTribe @witchescauldron I remember around the year 2000 when the Mayan calendar was going to complete a cycle and people were saying the world was about to move into a new epoch and an awakening of the human mind was about to happen. And I remember really really really hoping it was true because anything short of some spectacular paranormal event will not be enough.
@LearnTribe @witchescauldron Many people from all walks of life know something is wrong, just that nobody knows what to do about it. We've all been brought up to believe in the same construct and it's really hard to question that and realize it doesn't have to be that way. Sometimes I think that it's only a question of making a personal change, and that if enough of us do so, then change will come. But then I think of the mighty power of the system, it's huge military force, and it's disregard for decency and that makes me feel hopeless.

@tuttle @LearnTribe it's a good to not put up with the apathy and nilisam in much online communication. Call out out shit and hand out shovals to compost it. We can grow flowers and vegetables

@LearnTribe but practically how can we support ALTs such as how to move the apathetic and nilists into something more usefull.

The web is where the battle for change needs to be won. Fake news has to be discredited so heavily the message gets through, and push further so those who've spent decades peddling misinformation are stripped of any influence.
We need information disclosed on the damage caused by banks, fossil fuel companies, agricorps, other multinationals and governments that make wikileaks seem like a note passed around in high school.
We need public rage.

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