one thing to keep in mind, I think we/indymedia crew learned the wrong lesson from these raids/repression.

We pushed fear/control as a solution, which added to the mess

As the shows, open/trust was the path we should have taken

This ripped the project apart, leaving us in this mess.

When making judgments, let's be , to see through the mess.

Shovels and compost

Yep trauma is a issue, why I use basic ways of looking at these things. Then it's up to the people to build up from this simplicity DIY, a grassroots aproch.

Practical approaches a film i made for the legal support crew of a big campaign. The repression was ongoing and strong. The healing was the mass walking through the police stop and search - this likely mediated a lot of growing trauma...

- all together push through, the HARD block crumbles.

In the I like to look at this differently.

In the film "freedom of choice, you choose" is the individuals getting traumatized.

Am pushing the mass walk through of the police stop and search and the healing that came from that.

As a bonus the thousand of people who were illegally stopped and searched got police compensation and nationally the abuse of "stop and search" in activism was visibly reduced for a few years.

A good social outcome.

"can choose your community" :)

@witchescauldron Shocking and enraging but hardly unexpected behaviour from the police. #acab

@aral did you spot me getting pushed around by a big policeman while holding a camera in his face (6.20) the next day a policeman I was having a friendly chat with one min was stamping on my foot when a police riot kicked off on the back gate. Was limping for 3 months... happy times ;)

@witchescauldron That was you? Damn! I’m so sorry you had to experience that and thank you for doing what you do.


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