People are often nowadays, their sols are rotten from and worship. Ideas to bring out their non prat'ish side to do some social progressive good, please.

@witchescauldron people won't be open to change unless they feel understood.

Helping people feel understood means accepting that their flawed ideas are a part of their own reality.

If a person doesn't feel like they're being blamed, they will be open to changing.

@Anarkat sadly that is not a valid view due to and worship. "Common sense" is clearly not our friend.

How to communicate uncommon sense in a useful way?

@witchescauldron I've been able to change the mind of other people.

I start by listening to what they're telling me.

Starting from the perspective that they've wrong about everything is a good way to turn them into a brick wall to slam your head against.

If you want to change their mind, you don't have to accept what they say as reality, but accept that what they say is their reality.

What is this acronym ? Its not something we have heard of.

Yes, a lot of people will tell you that they need to travel to "", not knowing that were once *much* closer to everyones' homes.

So then we take them back to the early 20th century when the , and car producers used a confluence of methods to destroy good across the — and how we are literally paying for that every - single - day.

We cannot access dictionary but we gather that 'prat' it is the algorithm-beating way of saying 'brat'?

BTW don't feel bad, all but one online dictonary is Amazon.

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