The UK Tory's party pushed the suicide button with the huge fossil fuels subsidy and the suspension of green energy subsidies.

is no longer a metaphor it's the reality of all our ruling class.

Please use the when talking and commenting on all behaviour, tell the truth, don't be shy

You can say they're a #deathcult for not pursuing green energy enough right right now, but the reality is that people -- especially poor people -- need cheap energy to live. Imminently.

You can't heat your home with good intentions, and you can't eat good intentions, and winter is coming fast. If nothing practical is done to ensure cheaper energy in the next few months, mass death will result. Not 20 years from now or 150 years from now -- Right now. They will be freezing, and they will be starving, and there will be nothing anyone can do about it except to hunker down and wait out the inevitable violent conflict because people really don't want to die and will become incredibly violent if they think it'll give them a chance to live.

Reality is that either extreme viewpoint is a death cult. Ignoring the requirements of the short term or the long term will result in genocide. Wise leadership needs to take both into account and carefully navigate the present such that both sets of needs are taken care of, and importantly, do so without handing undue powers to the worst dicatators on the planet by giving them monopolies on essential goods.
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