The language we use is mostly worshipping.

User generated content vs propaganda content production.

vs funded in tech.

Could list more, where we put value matters, it is the power YOU HAVE.

Get off your knees, please.

People are often nowadays, their sols are rotten from and worship. Ideas to bring out their non prat'ish side to do some social progressive good, please.

We need a long hard look at the to mediate a better social outcome from our lovely geeky subcultures.

If you are so blinded/arrogant that you take the tools of and try to force them to work in , then this is wasted time/focus and resources.

Thinking of here, and the in general.

Open/closed as useful metaphor, judge projects and orgs by the is a good first step

Going to be an interesting time for email self-hosting with everyone moving off Gmail

If you have ever been confused by the in the project it helps to think Disney film it's a simple complex metaphor. Wikipedia is your friend on this.

If you stick with it and get stuck, ask specific questions and I can help.

It's interesting that the right has taken up the traditional left tool of direct action just as the left drops it.

I stopped going to "grassroots" tech events 10 years ago.

A metaphor. Can we have less academic wanking and more social fornication at these events. Less metaphor, the needs to be a better balance between pointless and pointy in our grassroots tech

this is now over 1000 videos hosted on on all subjects from to to green building and every social movements you can think of

@info_activism we have no good codeing for this as its all been captured by the crew. This is a mess that fuels the ideas to move to better outcomes?

The is invisible to people who look for "power", it is opaque to people who look for status, it's beyond useless for people who look for money.

What is it good for,? if you can see value, please add your thoughts in comments:

Our old friends in activism took the heathy internal stresses that were braking projects like to feed a vampire class, to built careers feeding on and draining grassroots corpus for 20 years.

It's not a good look these people are the ones you talk to when you talk to "power".

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Good to remember the mess that activist process geeks made in activism. As these are the same people who build process in our social free softwear projects.

Our cheer on this destruction of the "commons" with no clue of the damage they do.

Most of the tech built is and just adds to the work of shovaling and composting.

If you would like to know what is going on in the world/history on video is the best place to look on the

Most good software tech value is in the social "use" the technical codeing it self has little value, the are huge piles of decaying code with little "use" value.

The is that this "value" is invisible to the people codeing that then end up adding more churn to the techshit pile.

Q. Value, use the look at outreach and long open social threads. Do not push codeing.

Our liberal models are a complete disaster

They are way to easey to capture to agenda. I have seen this EVERY time over the last 30 years in actavisam and tech.

Time for composting this shit

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