Words are how we think if we don't have common- simple - understandings of these words we live in a mess. Ideolagys are at the base of all thinking, they can be unspoken (mainstream) or spoken (minoraty). The simple sulotion to switch the minoraty to the mainstream. What is the plan?

The gender shit storm is a storm in a teacup. And if your into conspiracys this is a right wing one. Don't drink from this teacup please. Were do we go from here?

The silence of our crew, of the Liberals, of the Greens on our worship of the by organizing our activisam and our media on and the in general is deafening and defines the failure of the progressive left, and diggers and dreamers.

The longer you guys keep silent on this the deeper we fall into this stinking and self defeating HOLE.

The can't keep spuing shit with out digging some compost in. Get your spades you useless lot and do something with social tech

The and are both social groups we have to move aside from if we are to have hope for technical social change

The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

The current pandemic/moral panic "Don't drink from the mainstream" is a needed tonic. The has the same business model as the both are spreading division and rage to generate clicks and ad revenue.

Am worried about affect on nut production. Nuts are a healthy part of a balanced diet, to meany nuts can be lead to unhealthy lifestyle. We face a crisis of nuttiness on social media created by 5g "thinking".

So people this is a calliut to consume less nuts and don't repost 5G nuttiness.

Save the squirrels, and our common sense.

We have worshiped a for the last 40 years. The logic of dealing with a pandemic is social, the logic of dealing with is social.

Its past time to try socialist path.

This is the foundation of today's issues. Our leaders were mostly brought up on this crap. Well past time for compost, who needs a spade?

Life inside the algorithm. People fight for this, they troll for this. It's a form of digital addiction. is the breeding of victim culture, its growing, its built in, it's a desired outcome of the agender. What do you think

If you are intrested in changing society you do have to think of a way past this

Longer term climate camp outside parliament. A number of blockades are on going in the city as well.

Hero worship on both sides. Looking for a link explaining the good and the bad of hero worship as a strategy for social change

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