The have pushed this mess over our society. When you building technology what are you doing to mediate this issue rather than push it to the agender?

It's time to start talking about the left wing trolling problem. We know the right wing has trolls, over the last few years the abdication to the has bread left wing trolls. What are we to do?

This is a toot to publish from here to the newswire of our test instance using a trust/instant based hashtag

We are and rebooting an old successful project to mediate this problem. Starting new projects is beyond pointless in a world motivated by

The dominant post-modern thinking of our has made a mess of our idea of what activism is and for, positive social change, love not hate. The new breed of right-wing ”activists” are pushing hate and fear to further the agender of social destruction to feed the god of neo-liberalism that we all worship. This is of course not activism, rather fascism. Best to use the right words so as not to add to the mess.

We have strong flows of academic and lifestyle anarchism and less strong flows of on the ground anarchism in action. The theory and play dominate/push the lack of social impact. This is a problem that we need to balance for a positive/practical social outcome

At we are good at radical grassroots media training and will be using these skills as a part of and rollout.

It's good people stepped back from fascism. But now we still have 5 years of neoliberal to get through now. get your spades ready the is piles of shit still to move.

This is sadly true but at least we have a brack from the slide to fashisam... but am not thinking the world can take much more

Its intresting that mainstream tech use's you in a easey way, and alternative tech is hard to use in a easey way.

One is built for control - workes well to do this.

The second is built for freedom - works badly to acheve this.

Its a real social tech problem we face.

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