funding issues. When I have time, going to go through the NGI list from a right/left prospective to put some numbers into the arguments to make them clearer. We need some focus to move away from the current as the funding for the grassroots side of it ramps up and pours down the drain.

In science, when someone says something is true, you lift the lid and look at the process to see if what they say matches what they do. Science is about doubt, not truth.

Having a go at setting up simple home server

OK first attempt from a suggestion on not surprisingly, ended in fail - after 2 hours of prodding it did not work, and also it's a bait and switch with all the good stuff paid.

More ideas please for home media server and self-hosted public web apps.

Hi @bob am going to try and setup a home server Agen. Second time :) this is a old fast ThinkPad with a wired ethernet to a fast fiber connection.

What would you recommend, software for "simple"

Am kinda realizing that the do not have a clue to the value of the project, as its value is outside their narrow value set. They are blind and to cape this they have NO motivation to see, what to do with this mess?

Just about all "progressive" tech funding drifts off into pointlessness pretty fast

The lying passive aggression we get a lot online, this is the death of community and thus our very culture. This is clearly sinning.

I think we have a real problem with religion in political philosophy nowadays. The dead philosophy of postmodernism is resurrected as a zombie by some in our movements.

Have we forgotten the evil religions do?

Playing with words is like building sand castles were politics is building stone castles.

Post modernism (sand) is a perfect fit for the when building with sand you maybe need to think on this.

Stone makes better foundations.

The right wing are making good use of the tools, were the left wing are beyond useless in their take-up of this power for social challenge/change

Most people are the this is the default for normal people and something that cannot continue.

@how am on the move for next few months. Can likely do a online presentation and Q&A

I think traditional structers are dead ends for this community, if money was involved then you would get people, but the wrong ones. Without money in the era of the is nothing to gain from cooperation and voluntarism.

Our powerlessness feeds our desire to hate, which is why controversy driven are such a problem as they feed and feed off both problems. It's a good business model but bad for us and our environment.
We need to step away from this mess

People can be very "stupid" when it comes to culture. It takes a wide rang of skills to make anything that is useful so as isolated (independent) individuals we can starve or ingest the crap, in tech we do this without thinking. It's a problem.

"It takes a village to raise a child" this applies to all of life.

British politics is a mess, and the nastiest people are in control of the establishment of ists.

The liberal foundation model will be forced onto us if the Fediverse is taken up buy large Burocratic orgs like the and yes the will be a figleaf of “democracy” placed over the self-selecting oligarchy that will be put into place by “power politics” that this path embeds.

This path is the default outcome.

Should we do something that is native to the Fediverse, and what would this look like?

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