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Longer term climate camp outside parliament. A number of blockades are on going in the city as well.

Hero worship on both sides. Looking for a link explaining the good and the bad of hero worship as a strategy for social change

The is a visible under this story, its good to point directly at it so we don't keep repeating the same mess

Its basic stuff we have lived in a for 40 years and its well past time to step away from this mess

Please remember before posting liberal stuff that just about everything around you and meany things you think you value are in reality a part of the

The plan to get people to post good fluff/spiky outreach videos to celebrate/connect activist history to the current groups is not working sadly, the image is of the viewing figures for the last 48hours, just 12 views for one of the videos. If you want to help make this move

Nothing here is good for us as individuals and as society's. With Its all now a death cult. You can step away as an individual and can stepaway as a society To stay is to be part of a suicide cult. The
when did we start to worship death?

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