Am PUSHING a grassroots DIY aproch, starting with composting the using the here then letting people build out what they need here

In this PUSH, a soft social path , not a pre-existing idea. There are better outcomes from this, BUT only if a group of people take the path together.

Real social change/challenge needs groups of people to get off their knees and stop worshipping the who is up from this :)

The culture of "hackers of yore" were the problem, the

There are few heroes here, all the projects that worked had strong social leadership, they were affinity groups of which the were a small part, this was the healthy stage.

The projects all DIED when the geeks took control of the foundations and the took control of the facared.

We killed the then the sold it to get carreas in the it's simple and ongoing.

The is a project to mediate the current mess for better social/challenge based society. The "common sense" approach of solving the mess is a fantasy, composting is a slow organic process, technical fixes are often fantasy, and is this case obviously fail.

Let's do experienced grassroots tech, move off the path and visibley block path.

and messy is the path to take.

All the projects are not about social change, they are about the possibility of social change/challenge.

We need to know that the world can change BEFORE we take the step to change it.

Our projects are the helping hand for people to take this step.

We have another 10 years of total social madness, then 10 years of climate related social clapes... then we might do something about the current mess.

This is not a good path to take, step away from this NOW.

@satur we are going to be looking for a funded developer for this project if the funding comes through find out in the next month, please pass on to any one you think might be compatible/interested in this project.

YOU can't do social change/challenge without annoying people. If you think you can, you are most likely play-acting and thus a part of the problem - douse that annoy you if it does you are likely a part of the problem :)

food for thought, a tool for composting

You do understand that the will become more visible over the next few years, neo-liberalism might be over, the social poison will continue to kill and displace millions of people, stating out there but rapidly happening here as well.

We URGENTLY need to step away from this mess.

projects are steps.

Judge social/tech projects by the and WALK away from ones that fail, do this over the next weeks don't wait till next year.

Stopping the poison is key.

The open/closed debate is a hard one, it should not be, but it still is. The cult of personality is the left getting lost in the right agenda... this is a hard one, too. I like the for the first and the second build from the roots, the first waters this growth, likely why it keeps being

The crew are of the worst sort... All the projects are takeing progressive focus and turning it into shit, the is not any alt here it's the hiding behide illushern and

Use the to compost it, support real alt projects

If you are so blinded/arrogant that you take the tools of and try to force them to work in , then this is wasted time/focus and resources.

Thinking of here, and the in general.

Open/closed as useful metaphor, judge projects and orgs by the is a good first step

The is an unpleasant "won't to fail" stream in our "community" that needs some challenge.

On all the activities are in the wikis and the wiki changes don't show on the activerystreams so it looks like nothing is happening.

Much of the widely grouped people working on the projects do this off-site so it looks like one account is publishing all the updates.

Little I personally can do about these "defaults" anyone won't to help fix this fail?

A way to mediate this mess (beyond the which likely composts 90% of the outa the gate) is to ask coders this question:

Q. What social group are you working with to build this code? If this is only the individual or a small geek group the coding is very likely pointless, if it is a group likely pointless due to burocratic/top-down process leading to the low user expectations.

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with a push from actavisam has power for social change/challenge

Let's build networks from the to help us step away from the current mess.

This is the problem, not the solution.

Worth a read to see the issue of feeding off the state and the VC poison that shapes the ploughing over grassroots by the

These people are adding to the shifting the focus to pointlessness. But they were "our" people at one time.

The current plan is to build a production/coding team, go for funding, expanding the coding team, build the tools, test the tools, roll out this test to a real user base - likely not the to test. While these last stages are happening, we can try and ratify it though some process on socialhub or just roll it out and see if people use it, both are fine by me.

Most good software tech value is in the social "use" the technical codeing it self has little value, the are huge piles of decaying code with little "use" value.

The is that this "value" is invisible to the people codeing that then end up adding more churn to the techshit pile.

Q. Value, use the look at outreach and long open social threads. Do not push codeing.

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