The key strength of this governance model is that its in this it mirrors one of the strengths of the you do not have to ask permission to start an instance in the same way you start a governance body its native to the out of the box

Every grassroots movement has poisonous snakes in it how do you recognize them is an interesting subject. Judging by the is a small step, there are others...

Hope is affective social challenge/change. The is no hope in this is carrier building and statues games for individuals.

We live in an era of reactionary politics that the rightwing use by appealing to a sense of injustice and then, instead of focusing anger on the rightful target (capitalism etc) they create a movement to serve their own class interests, in most cases this is of far right libertarianism.

Please step away from this game and

From a few years ago:

Not for the first time and likely not the last time. Misunderstanding of what am saying/talking about. To be clear the is complex in that its at root a unhealthy/inhuman desire for total control.
The federated model is both pandering to the problem, here have control and diluting the problem by spreading it thinly and then turning it into vapour ie. It's a kind of step away if you understand the problem is there to stepaway from 🙂

Thinking about the from a progressive history in the Soviet Union we had a control and fear based economic syteam so its important that we don't blindly go down the same path. Need to think that defending agenst control is simply a reflection of control. Its to blindly go down this path, we do need to do something else as the soviet syteam was not that "progressive" and suggesting as a better path out of our current mess.

Of course this can and will be updated as needed, but we have a “chicken and egg” issue that we need a working affinity group/s to reach consensus on where we go. The project is a way of bootstrapping this code/process in way.

To keep “diversity of strategy” in place we are using the framework.

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Build open tools without HARD coded defaults - yes you can choose where the switches are flicked on the default install, but that is as much power that the dev team should take in dev

was ripped apart by the war of open/closed

"War, What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, say it agen..."

You can't start a war if there is nothing to fight over.

Where is the positive in this mess? I would look at the current healthy projects. I would strongly advise and incurage people to "use them of lose them" and use a tool like the to step away from the obvious and pushing. Pick up a and compost the mess plant seeds of your own lived life and nurture/water the social gardens with your care.

Don't ask, just do it.

The are flocking to the reboot the have been a load of blog posts... the problem is that this is a parasite class of people... are the fragile projects healthy anuf to survive this in rush of pthogines? Where is our immune response

The strength of the is "accidental" it's not in the standards, it's not in the codebase, it's not in the power politics that these forces play. It's in the good and process. Everything else is a distraction and if this distraction gains too much power it will likely self-destruct into infighting and ripping apart.

The is coding for Serenity/security/certainty where it does not exist - this is the root to the withering tree of digital fascism.

It's anti-human not surprisingly.

The is trusting in humane networks to build their own workflow of "trust" this is the root to democracy.

This is human, all to human.

Yes I really do use the word "fascism" as this is where the current leave us with the pushing of driving righwing politics.

Just to highlight are always crap for good outcomes if they dominate the core of any radical grassroots project.

They have a use in the periphery and are core to growth of successfully grassroots projects.

So we are not rejecting them, but we are mediating their core activity. The and help to mediate the core/periphery working process.

We need to build based infrastructure. This needs to have radical social DNA at its roots and are examples of this. We need to abandon the 100s of pointless tech projects and at the same time step away from tech. An example of what we need a simple path out of this mess.

Just about all tech and political projects are pointless:

A river that needs crossing political and tech - On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over complexity

A solution to this churning is "nothing new" most of the issues we face have already been solved or at least mediated.

and is a way of stepping away from the current tech mess. Politics is a bit more complex.

The reader has no power as they have no buy in - the "user" a little power to post/comment from account. The "producer" should likely be promoted to "mod" as soon as they are trusted.

The "mod" have as much power as possible without endangering the instance.

The "admin" have strong power BUT a VERY strong social rule not to use it. The running of the instance is in the hands of the "mod/producer"

Actions are socially mediated by the with audit logs to bring transparency.

agenders have killed and will kill meany more radical tech projects. Look under the lid is the project is a good first step to mediate this one.

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