Are a simple way to judge the value of a “alt/grassroots” tech project.

Open data –


Open source – as in “free software”


Open “industrial” standards –

1/2 a open is working towards

Open process –


So Its a bronze project.

Yes, a Planned Economy Can Actually Work In a era of the world can change, it already has just that this change is currently beening privatized to the agender. Its basic stuff.

nameing a widly adopted horazontal approach to governance for the digital era.

The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do. It uses technology to build human networks.

Its basic stuff... and ones you digitize culture and community the only question that is important is who controls the data. The ones that do have the power to reshape us. And the only answer is simple basic stuff.

On that subject please start to use as tags are created and held in common. In this we hold the power, please do not use the algorithms as then the hold the power, the is the start of a revolution in this action

projects build from the and are a step toward social politeness which is the bases of all justice/society.

I don't call it for nothing this last 10 years. Its one of the and actavist have been well and truly conned and the is one way out of this mess.

I will be happy when the apps cross standards with the apps and bridge the human nature "feeling" that feeds this "gap". The are a lot of unspoken issues and the is a "unspoken" push not to address them. Just about all I do nowadays is addressing the unspoken issues ;)

I use the word "blinded" to describe meany of the people I meet in tech and grassroots movements. They are blinded for differing surface reasons, on the hippy side it is conspiracy dressed as empty spiritualism. On the liberal progressive side it is internalized neo-liberalism feeding fear, cowardice and greed. Best not to mention the process geeks...

The are paths to stepaway from this mess is one that would be empowering for both non geeks and the more technically minded.

Back to all the projects full time over the winter @openworlds @visionontv

For both the decision making is based with passive consensus thus for core members to make small decision the can just do it and post in the process flow. For decisions which affect the organising group these should be announced in the public process with time for people to engaged in discussion if no core crew directly BLOCKS it can be implemented. A decision is only as valid as far as it has spread, thus if nobody has the chance to see it or debate it is not a valid decision.

OMN – a part of rebooting the openweb

How we organise, currently we have two flows of projects:

Founded on , motivated by the PGA hallmarks and moderated by the ethical code of conduct. Its an unfettered space for Activists and groups to communicate on the