The need for “governance” came out of a practical problem, the community is made up of “cats” you know the slogan “herding cats” we were doing seminars outreach to powerful EU Eurocrats on why they should be interested in and interesting they really are interested. We had no voice, only “cats” with everyone pushing their own tiny projects, it was a lot of work and stress, but we got the presentations done.

With the federation you can use the same tool to build governance on a city, region, nation or even globule scale. This is all based on permissionless grassroots democratic DIY process that have been tested and used for the last 30 years. The interesting part of this project is putting this “lived experience” into code and learning from the federation of the fediverse.

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The is a pretty sorted crew, then some organizing sites/forums, the yearly conference. MOST importantly some “kings”, “princes” a bit of a tech/influencer aristocracy who currently hold much of the “power”.

We need to have a bit of fundamental thinking about tech.

I have been working for more than 20 years on this and always say clearly that we need 90% open and 10% closed - the are dangerously wrong in their view of 90% closed and 10% open. It's a problem we need to overcome and in no way a solution. Take note you are reading this posting ver which is 90% open and 10% closed. We are not having this conversation on diaspora ( network) few people are.

If you are interested in recent history that touches on the ideology of different groups in the world you can ignore the subject if its distasteful and just look at the tech politics.

In most history of the internet/www there are grassroots histories that are missing and its from this grassroots that actually comes from. But think for a short presentation for this would be an uncomfortable and confusing storey for the audience. On balance lets keep it but also not completely “whitewash” this grassroots story out, leave some hints in.

The is talking about

The EU implementing AP could help to reset the resulting capture of the WWW (which made the internet human) good to remember was a European project The birth of the Web | CERN

My thoughts/feelings are pragmatic on a good outcome.

A wildly spread international crew have been putting a lot of work into making this a local codebase option version 1.2.0 release

@franklinlopez with peertube federation is content based rather than account based. in this it is diffrent to mastodon though they speak the same language you have to think about "federation diffrently to run a peertube instance.

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This is a instance displaying a video from another peertube instance called kolektiva - they are talking the same feed language as mastodon so their posts can be shared and commented on from your mastodon account but you might have to work out how to do this as it's still a bit of a

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