A. The problem with this is that in the way you seem to understand it and definitely in the way you SAY it is simply irrelevant to what we are trying to build with the It's very basic stuff, think we all agree with what you are saying, but the is little common understanding of its relevance as you say it for and reboot. Q. Why are these agenders talking about the relevant to a human moderated grassroots on the ground media network?

Let me try to help share the move to the movement.


Bad - Currently most people are inside that they have no controle over and expote and manipulate them to

Good - the gives you total control, does not explote you at all and there is zero manipulation. you and your community set the agender.

The first is easy passive digital addiction, the second is harder real life community building and sustaining.

Idea to escape the media manipulation that puts Trump and Johnson into power and will keep doing this as its the business models of and Were are the tools to organize. Am asking a simple question and giving a simple sulution with as strong a protection against cooption and irrelevance.

If you won't a media that is not inside tiny bubbles. Its basic stuff to join the millions that have already stepped away. Reboot grassroots media outside the so why not join and make the step today activism.openworlds.info/publi and play a part in building a

Why does it seam to be natural? It balances what will keep you comeing back with the comercial/state agender of the of course this is in no way showing what you won't we just rationalize that as post fact as the is no alternative

are a large and growing in efficiency in the and to a lesser extent on the as they push easy for profit bad solutions to meany daily needs.

A good way round this is to look for mean answers to questions rather than the mode answers?

Better ideas for solving the disaster advice?

Q. What killed

A. its was destroyed by narrow minded encryponists from inside and NGO indifference outside. The final blow was the embracing of the

if you are intrested in why I am telling you that you are likely sharing a lot of propaganda

Manipulating people with misinformation. What's YOUR country up to?

link podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/t

How to solve real world problems:

Do direct action and keep doing it, get video and photos, use the media. Weather the negative reaction, negotiate, win. Problem solved, move on to the next problem.

One key thing you should not do is gas on or any of the

A whole generation have lost the ability to read link based information and have been brainwashed into being feed outrage by algorithm based 'time lines" both sad and bad

Solution: invade and occupy the core office and do not leave till we get them to stepaway from excepting this money.

When we do get the General Election we face a crises that will dwarf the use of target advertising to buy the election. Both and will receive 100's of millions in political advertising. Neather mainstream side, you and me, will see or be aware of this messaging. This money will directly stir up narrow hatred and divison. With pushing rightwing agenders we could well brake democratic norms for good. Its basic stuff.

The left is talking to the right, what do you think youtube.com/watch?v=OQSMr-3GGv mainstream talking about the problem with the

how we have been and are being conned to make a small number of people very wealthy. This is also tide to the as it is a product of freemarkit individualism.

is the horizontal digital network that took over the world 20 years ago. Now being consumed by the

is a safe way to break out of the addiction bubble while keeping in touch with your friends. One step at a time.

Its very easy to have a on as it drives ad views for the . If you are progressive you could have a sensibly conversation on the with a few million other people were human activerty/community not ad driven consumerism is the outcome activism.openworlds.info/publi

Putting content into is a feed back loop which has marginal (and reducing) affect as for example all your doing is teaching the algorithms how to sell you and everyone who interacts with your content more "stuff" and in the end ideological mind/social control.

Talking to the on

Because the boring (satisfying) job of social change on the is a tiny fraction of the frivolous (empty) joy of sharing memes on that is feeding the that meme's are against. Its basic stuff.

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