Think rebooting grassroots media and/or the would be a small step in the right direction.

Knowledge and communication are both at the base of power. We are completely powerless in the world on these subjects.

Only fantasists and loons would not agree with this simple view.


fails us as individuals and as a society the same with the rest of the
its not hard to understand this and the are real working alternatives. Yes non are as real as our individualism needs.

Its intresting to think about for them to have meaning they need to become a shared social tool. The problem for us is that in the world of its taken as an act of individual expression. Thus has no function in posative social change and its a mess with no good outcome

The silence of our crew, of the Liberals, of the Greens on our worship of the by organizing our activisam and our media on and the in general is deafening and defines the failure of the progressive left, and diggers and dreamers.

The longer you guys keep silent on this the deeper we fall into this stinking and self defeating HOLE.

Actavists have wasted 10 years building up the with there organising.

Have a chat address if anyone wants to step away from the

What do you think of the hashtag for the tech unicorns?

Deliveroo was the poster child for venture capitalism. It's not looking so good now.

They con us to value that they are providing us a service. When in reality they are about shifting socierty to neo-liberal agenders. They are all if you take a moment to look under the surfice "services"

We all worship the when using parts of the everyday world.

The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

Talking to people on

People gave the the power and money. To say they took it is obviously a crap point of view. You all sat through the how to use facebook for campaigning workshops, you likely run one of them. When wrighting history its importent to not disempower the masses by not giving them agency. We walked into this mess and we can walk out of it if we collectively decide to To say they took it is obviously a crap point of view. Spades, do you have your spade?

* Willfull stupiderty is rife on the

* Wilfull subcultures are rife on the

The world people won't to see is not rife anywhere, both sad and bad.

The current pandemic/moral panic "Don't drink from the mainstream" is a needed tonic. The has the same business model as the both are spreading division and rage to generate clicks and ad revenue.

The is simple, just html5 linking to html5 with a sprinkling of CSS they are all text formats that humans can kinda read. Its what the have built on top to control us is the complex bit. Then the is of our apps that we need to move beyond as well

Yes and have there problems. We all worshipped the its in everything around us and has been for 40 years. Am interested in what comes after, focusing on social technology and grassroots thinking/sulutions.

A load of my friends are shareing this. Its a mess that could lead to crap oucome in the and more shrinking 9f 5he

5G Virus Conspiracy Theory Fueled by Coordinated Effort - Bloomberg

Looking at federation it scales downwards rather than upwards like a its hard for people to think this simple thing through.

incurage plugins for alt/grassroots search results to mix with the results. A "stepaway" project looking for people to build the search plugins for the codebases if you know anyone looking for a usefull and intresting project.

The problem was have faced for the last 20 years is that alt media has been pushed into "closed" by different threads. This has centralized control around the who are driven by a unhealthy data mining for control and profit. Directly leading to the "fakenews" the mainstream article's have been talking about. Open while not perfect is a different path.

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