We need some new ways to join the as the old ones are getting "stale" ideas?

We have not pushed the blogs with there a few codebases, but non really inspire.

is good, but also kinda socially pointless due to being too much a copy.

What are people working on as ways in?

I tried as news path. I think people do not see the as so think SMALL and think tribal, no bad thing but kinda useless for the big picture.

The pushing of as "common sense" means that none of us can cooperate any more... this is pretty stupid, you see it everywhere on the and a less on the Where you don't see it is in the as there its built into the controlling algorithm thus is invisible.

Use the hashtag to escape this mess.

is the the done as astroturf "grassroots" movement.

This is why the supports it. Its "common sense".

The language we use is mostly worshipping.

User generated content vs propaganda content production.

vs funded in tech.

Could list more, where we put value matters, it is the power YOU HAVE.

Get off your knees, please.

It's a slow drip, so hard to have the time to document
am shifting focus to as their's little outreach value left in the for us... one foot in, one out...

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YouTube is going through and removing lots of our old videos, so good to have a place for them to live outside the

Not "advertising" friendly, which is what YouTube is for.... not activism

It's been accelerating over the last few years, it's reach the stage when I go back and look for videos they are simply not there any more - likely a lot due to copyright music use... or whole account removed for older activists.

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We need to step away from the what does this mean
It's a sociological insite into a society. The is nothing "personal" about the hashtag. Have you read this book archive.org/stream/in.ernet.dl might help you.

The crew are of the worst sort... All the projects are takeing progressive focus and turning it into shit, the is not any alt here it's the hiding behide illushern and

Use the to compost it, support real alt projects

It's hard to express how MAD meany of the people on the are... loons, the problem is they have no idea... what do you think?

If you know any actavist types who won't to step away from the you could point them here

Http://activism.openworlds.inf is an example of social networking

If you would like to watch videos on the you can find them here visionon.tv/c/undercurrents/vi please embed them on your sites and share them in the , thanks.

In "our" spaces (which are libertarian) the are meany agenda. Some are healthy, others less so. "Socialism" in opensource is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is the bases to build everything upon.

The bad is the "common sense" pushing that a large number of people do to the if this is not balenced then the openweb decays and the push over the "commons".

It's pretty simple

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What duse a progressive look like?

Firstly not what became and what is pushing now this is obvious.

The web was born "libertarian socialist" and endured years of pushing into supplication.

The it self stands agenst this pushing. Yes, the have taken social space but we still have our spaces

Am concentrating on "our" space were meany concentrate on pushing the back, both are usefull.

The is an obvious disaster with the so for our own motivation let's put them to one side.

Our tech is hopelessly mired in the , so we need to compost a shitload of this.

The path out of both of these paths is an old one based on trust and humanity.

Let's reboot the with grassroot democracy at its core.

This easily pushes the out to let "us" focus on useful projects, social tech needs the social/democratic.

People come into non projects and try to change them to objectives because they think they are adding value by doing this.

This "common sense" is destroying and feeding the online and killing community offline.

We need ideas on how to mediate this to reduce the damage.

The is a grassroots gift economy. Over the next few weeks, huge numbers of historical activist videos are arriving. To add value/community to this flow we need moderates to put the videos into subject/channels and add tags to share them on and we need to them make stories to bridge this history to current campaigning.

Interesting running grassroots tech projects as without users they fail. So if people stay outside then the project goes nowhere and the users are left to die in the like the heard they critic on the they cannot leave.

This is an apt description of the that we all live in. stepping away IS FORM of activism.

People come into non projects and try to change them to objectives because they think they are adding value by doing this.

This "common sense" is destroying the and feeding the

ideas on how to mediate this

hamishcampbell.com/2021/05/06/ What has worked for the fedivers to overcome the geekproblem is the copying of existing as tools. This copying has mediated the gap between the humanities and the sciences by taking existing (bad) human technological relationships and building copy’s in the (good) openweb.

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