Where is the positive in this mess? I would look at the current healthy projects. I would strongly advise and incurage people to "use them of lose them" and use a tool like the to step away from the obvious and pushing. Pick up a and compost the mess plant seeds of your own lived life and nurture/water the social gardens with your care.

Don't ask, just do it.

This is an interesting project onionshare.org/ worth looking at for "security" beyond the and "privacy" apps.

created this mess, cannot fix this mess.

The built the The played its role in destroying alt-media and the

The embraced the mess for sugar and spices.

Shovels and composting come to mind - I use the shovel metaphor because its our sweat and work that will get us out of this mess.

The is no magic tech fix, it's a human problem that needs humane crew to solve it.

The blocking humanity.

Most usage is a function of this is a problem as the is strong value in hashtags. They are a tool for organizing outside the constraints they are not a toy for childish individualism - now that is NOT a controversial thing to say in the era.

To highlight most of the blocks are coming from the side though the /workflow it self is a interesting challenge we have not got to yet :)

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From 4 years ago - The are now bread and circus and the crowed control this was actually about. The sooner we admit that we live in a gatekeeperd world worst than the old traditional media the sooner we can try and really do something about this

Why is not a pointless radical tech project.

In the we use this tradition to replace existing projects as new projects

mediates the churning of pointless tech projects by building things that already work.

This replicating the with versions has its limits. All code is "ideology" so bringing in the to the by direct copying has its own issues to work through.

building progressive alt tech we cannot repeat the behaver of the as it's a different environment, we need different agenders.

"The security context is the relationships between a security referent and its environment. From this perspective, security and insecurity depend first on whether the environment is beneficial or hostile to the referent, and also how capable is the referent of responding to its/their environment in order to survive and thrive."



We are doing the same project at the though we clearly let the users/producers define the community growing from the grassroots use. If you don't trust the people you cannot have real democratic institutions and are left with feudal ( traditional open-source dev), capitalism (the ) or (most radical tech) as a path, none of these are the world we need to be building is my view.

This is the start of a different view of the world visionon.tv/videos/local we should be filling this with local radical journalism and the best of the progressive social challenge video from around the world. All without filterbubbles and agenders.

The were built for social control, the hot air about "connecting us" was just wind. When you look back at the history of PR and advertising this becomes obvious knowledge.

* Capitalism wants to privatise metadata to the capitalists and the capitalist then control the government - fascism is back into fashion.

* Chinese communism, wants the state to control the metadata, so they can control capitalism, we are back to the command economy on steroids.

* Liberalism want to privatise metadata to the individual to return to a mythic free-market past.

* What does anarchism want is an attempt to answer this last one.


All the and tech projects are based on lies and misinformation to convince you that they are not and in the surface this is hard to see through this At the we have a simple tools to lift the lid to judge if a project is worth supporting with your time and use. This tool is the here is an example of a review hamishcampbell.com/index.php/2 you can be a part of this and help make the tech world less of shit heap.

Are your friends moving to a new chat app?

To start you in the right direction you can use the to judge if a tech project is worth supporting. Used well it gets rid of 90% of the and the crap and weeds the to a manageable level. Pretty simple to do please post reviews on your blog with in the tags so we can aggregate the reviews hamishcampbell.com/index.php/p

I have little against personally but important to see that moxie, the creator is in bed with the crew, its were the money is so understandable for a monarchy. People are moving from to well it's a step in the right direction XXX

We are talking on the about what to do with the waves of shit that will flow onto our projects from the perging of the far right in the


Its nice to see that the wider public are starting to talk about the pile of shit that are the that we/they spend so much time in.

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