loving having a upto date instance. But the moderation tools are bad, they have a NEGATIVE agenda where it would be much better if they had a POSITIVE agender. We should be moving content not blocking content when we moderate. This is left over thinking from the the problem we face is getting understanding of this "soft" approach against the instinkt for the fast "hard" defaults that come over from the mainstream.

The we all worship is a block on building a different world. The we communicate inside is a block on building a different world.

Our is a block on us even seeing the worship of this cult.

Progress, Postmodernism and the Tech Backlash looking at the pile of shit, with big words and the need for humans with shovals.

The was ripped apart by meany forces.

pushing security theatre broke and trust based relationships

narrowed this into an irrelevant subculture.

in braced the bad in both sides for self-interest, greed and fame.

privatized data and metadata to the service of profit and social control. All the above groups played their role in this.

The is a hollow shell for most people


is a fab bit of softwear. BUT it's also crap. Why do I say this? The fedivers is made up of clones of corpureat which has worked well as they bring familer concepts over from the mainstream into the alternative. The problem is a in that the developers unthinkingly bring the workflows and ideology that are embeded in the code of these mainstream projects to the project. thus the crap that needs shovaling to make compost.

The updated website has a different view of the world than your everyday have a look and find other views of the world.

Do you need a diffrent view than the mess on your TV or the is a real world on the you can find a look at it here

The idea of the is similar to how the grow. it's a openmarket of ideas. The difference is the ground that these each build on. The dotcons build on capital agenders. The OMN builders on human commerty agenders. What's the outcome? We hoped shaped by the agrenders they are built on top of.

Useing the is a deadend for "building the world you won't to see"

Evan Henshaw-Plath: How does 'open' make the world better? Worth watching this agen for a history of the to help the reboot

its interesting to realize that most activertypub projects have imported the individualistic motivation from the ie. its about empowering individuals. the "group" function of instance interest is not really working beyond the level of lifestyle.

Worth thinking about this when trying to fix the "problems"

Over on Just one more hit, am reducing my dose, but its the only communerty i have. Dose this remind you of druggy sub cultures? It dose to me.

Its intresting how the whole world is turned into self destructing subcultures by the its almost as if they were built that way.

As marx said a hart in a heartless world, as the new religion is a core part of the

Security thorter you should ask who we are hiding from. The sad and bad outcome of just about everything is only our friends - our enemies, the state and the can almost always look behind the curtain. The rare exception of this is p2p encryption, never client server. Though the issue that makes most of security into a thin layer of cloth is the hardware and firmware our ”secure” apps run on. So many holes in these that it's all academic, what we do next with social technology

The generation of "media activists" have drunken deeply from the and are infected by narcissism. It's hard to know what to do with the messy generation spreding the stinking shit of the they were norished on, ideas?

All movements come from seeds growing in rich compost. Have nurtured quite a few over my time. Rebooting grassroots media could easily/should sprout and people walking away from the is the time. But if we keep spreading shit on each other the smell is not inviting... now a nice bed of compost is what is needed to seed a radical movement - what is shit good for ;) spades we need spades.

What are the hashtags? were were digital would would make you rich. To were it is all a con and will kill billions due to climate chaos and political nastyness over the next 100 years. Why the hashtags? We as communerty decided to abandon the and embrace this mess. Time to pick up a spade and compost this crap, were next?

For your frends:

Its the not your phone, we have the in our pockets and we are addicted to its digital drugs. Don't fall into dispar step away to the and get your life back. Its a hard thing to detox. But its harder to stay in this mess.

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