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Are your friends moving to a new chat app?

To start you in the right direction you can use the to judge if a tech project is worth supporting. Used well it gets rid of 90% of the and the crap and weeds the to a manageable level. Pretty simple to do please post reviews on your blog with in the tags so we can aggregate the reviews

I have little against personally but important to see that moxie, the creator is in bed with the crew, its were the money is so understandable for a monarchy. People are moving from to well it's a step in the right direction XXX

We are talking on the about what to do with the waves of shit that will flow onto our projects from the perging of the far right in the

Its nice to see that the wider public are starting to talk about the pile of shit that are the that we/they spend so much time in.

This film kinda touches on the stupidity of our chattering classes the Netflix documentary is the talking to themselves. It is the in ecological terms, useful messaging for the a tiny step to a real step this is the shit pile most people choose when they moved off the and into the to bow down to the with every click and share. On the we worship human and natural destruction with every post we are the evil, we are the death, we are responsible.

It should not be this way

Do you wonder what this shit I keep talking about is we are all smeared with it from the and a group of us are setting up a project to compost this shit to grow some flowers and vegetables. Join us

Our current world is based on complexity leads to simplicity. Were our ideal world would be based on simplicity leads to complexity. We are building the second from the project. The give you the first with lots and lots of digital drugs to stuffiy you to the outcomes.

It's time to start talking about the left wing trolling problem. We know the right wing has trolls, over the last few years the abdication to the has bread left wing trolls. What are we to do? it's a part of the wider and like the rest a we do need terms to call real world things what they actually all are, get-rich-quick cons that will likely kill us all :)

A lot of the shit pile we live in is about unclear prioritys and people pushing meany different agenders and then fighting for priority increasingly with violence in the

I call this problem

Trust me it makes sense, well a lot more sense than the mainstream shit stream we all drink from on and in the but you do have to start from basics and then rebuild the world from there.

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Am pushing out left/progressive content posted to the as it has good presentation and truth in it. BUT am aware that its from people who drink deeply from the poison of you have to do this to be "successful" in the mainstream shit pile we call media.

and are the same path and what keeps it in place which is in a amplification feedback loop with and born from our 40 years worship of the the solution is for powerful groups of us to stepaway to feedback loops being piped by the

The culture of incompetence that led to Grenfell still imperils us | Grenfell Tower inquiry | The Guardian loving having a upto date instance. But the moderation tools are bad, they have a NEGATIVE agenda where it would be much better if they had a POSITIVE agender. We should be moving content not blocking content when we moderate. This is left over thinking from the the problem we face is getting understanding of this "soft" approach against the instinkt for the fast "hard" defaults that come over from the mainstream.

The we all worship is a block on building a different world. The we communicate inside is a block on building a different world.

Our is a block on us even seeing the worship of this cult.

Progress, Postmodernism and the Tech Backlash looking at the pile of shit, with big words and the need for humans with shovals.

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