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The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

Moveing away from ossified DIY tech/projects and into the push the nuttyness into occupy. It has been a lost 10 years on

Our powerlessness feeds our desire to hate, which is why controversy driven are such a problem as they feed and feed off both problems. It's a good business model but bad for us and our environment.
We need to step away from this mess

If you are interested in the healthy of the and thus our social health, leading to ecological heath, leading to a heathy shared planet you need to stop eating the shiny/sweet and play a role in promoting open communications. The are a good way for normal people to take this small step. Live and learn or keep swallowing the poison and die it's a simple stark choice you face, and we all face this TODAY.

Can we try agen are shiny toys that are ripping our society apart as we consume them like colourful sweets...

What's the truth to this? Focus please.

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Words have meaning, I mean the are shiny toys that explote you in the end, so we have to stop consuming them if we are to save the planet, see

Changing the subject to attacks, is in no way an ansear.

Words have meaning a few posts on this subject.

Feeling insulted is not a view of truth, it's a feeling.

In the face of growing and our attention being trapped inside the I see most people as complete fantasists and see the worship of the as their main motivation.

In the next 5-10 years I see a lot of BLOCKING and lots of blowing of smoke to cover this behaver.

I live on a lifeboat, it's not a metaphor.

OK after looking more and giving the benefit of doubt, its due to the mash up they are using to do the presentation. Lots of people are using good tools like BBB

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If you're on the web and finding yourself addicted to the screen your holding in your hand. Then this is not distraction, this is social control. Good to be clear about this and not mince words about the

OK am starting to feel like am trolling "Reimagine the Internet" as its all academic and history.

The same people and the same story we have heard for the last wasted 10 years.

Nothing so far touching on the let alone the .

It's off TOPIC I feel like shouting though out the oneway ZOOM video presentation - you can find their video's on youtube.

After proding they are talking about putting them on ;)

I showed the to my elderly parents, they were shocked. It's a powerful film with a ending that is completely irrelevant for a good outcome It's the looking at themselves.

Upload a PDF "No, I think not."

Trying to upload a formatted text doc to a project.

"Needs a settings change, and then its possible. But it is disabled by default, because people might upload malicious PDF’s, so there’s that."

OK that raise the question of what is a good UX safe non formatted text document. And why after 20 years of dev do I have to even ask this question. This second point is likely the more interesting one to try and ansear.

People in tech are rethinking the power and use of "group" we should keep an eye on what's happening in the here is a view of changes

The are pure undiluted

The is like herding cats and when you work hard and scratch the surface you find the just the same.

We can't keep doing this, please try not to push agenders as the current outcome is BAD, and we need to try and make things better.

It's not just the sprit of the age, which it is, its the sprit of a tiny minority of people that is now grown into a worldwide problem from/for the and the alt-tech crew.

There are simple ways out of this mess and the and are examples of this path that we need to take.

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The has fallowed this in that it is direct copy’s of existing useful - peertube is youtube, pixalfeed is Instagram etc. On balance has been positive, though not without its problems. Has clearly overcome the last 10 years of pointless in alt-tech for now.

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is an attempt to overcome the churning of alt tech and been doing this stuff for more than 20 years and have seen hundreds of me to/NGO projects grow and fail, rise repeat for ever into a flow of pointlessness. its a BLOCK that we have lived with for way to long.

In resent years the first project to get me motivated was Mastodon and as both were based on they were evaluations of existing projects and standards - twitter/tweetdeck and atom/pubsubhub

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