if you are intrested in why I am telling you that you are likely sharing a lot of propaganda

Manipulating people with misinformation. What's YOUR country up to?

link podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/t

How to solve real world problems:

Do direct action and keep doing it, get video and photos, use the media. Weather the negative reaction, negotiate, win. Problem solved, move on to the next problem.

One key thing you should not do is gas on or any of the

Conversations on The uspoken question is what practical alternative have YOU (as in the wider horazontalism movement) built today and are building for tommorw. The answer to this is generlay bad stinky air. Build something, don't just gripe on

And the answer en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_ lots of this. They cannot think any more. Both sad and bad, good illustration of the problem.

When we do get the General Election we face a crises that will dwarf the use of target advertising to buy the election. Both and will receive 100's of millions in political advertising. Neather mainstream side, you and me, will see or be aware of this messaging. This money will directly stir up narrow hatred and divison. With pushing rightwing agenders we could well brake democratic norms for good. Its basic stuff.

Its very easy to have a on as it drives ad views for the . If you are progressive you could have a sensibly conversation on the with a few million other people were human activerty/community not ad driven consumerism is the outcome activism.openworlds.info/publi

Putting content into is a feed back loop which has marginal (and reducing) affect as for example all your doing is teaching the algorithms how to sell you and everyone who interacts with your content more "stuff" and in the end ideological mind/social control.

Talking to the on

Because the boring (satisfying) job of social change on the is a tiny fraction of the frivolous (empty) joy of sharing memes on that is feeding the that meme's are against. Its basic stuff.

For people still useing the

Remember everything you post on and the in general just reaches the echo chamber and almost nowhere outside this to really affect real outcomes. Its simple truth we need to face

Post from

We live in a that we feed by pushing one of the ways out is the a good example

And for people who say this post is gobbledygook if you click on any of the links you will soon find posts defining each term. The is made of links its both sad and bad that meany lazy people i have forgotten this simple thing.

Am spending time outreaching on any post that it might help. Would appreciate some help with this so more than my posts show up. You can add a hashtag as a comment and this should bring posts into view on hashtag searches. ( permitting, they currently kinda do)

From thread *** so you are now rearly happy the labour policy has stayed the same, not changed at all etc. Were before you were very unhappy that it was something that only said it was... its an intresting point of view.

Worth a read for an explanation of were some of the right wing propaganda you might have been sharing on the the last few years comes from electronicintifada.net/content

I don't call it for nothing this last 10 years. Its one of the and actavist have been well and truly conned and the is one way out of this mess.

How did we get to the state that half my activist friends are spouting stuff. Take note am not talking about leave or remain of the EU am talking about the propaganda they spread.

In Extinction Rebellion am seeing fragmentation on the group am an admin of. has achieved a big step, what's next.

Put out the same true message for the last 10 years on the and twitter mostly. Put the message out on the and mostly. The dotcons this has been blocked by the as the message not sell advertising makes uncomfortable with limits of there lives

Not spread on it is against the underling meany of the "outsiders" that live in the

Gota smile as our cultures fail

On the the is a stale shouting growing between diffrent groups of activists in the spread. Its both sad and bad to see "hate" being spread by both sides... i mean both sides, so dont think am not pointing my finger at YOU. The are problems with as the are problems in other actavist groups. Lets point to truths and not with noise please, and the are not a easy place for this. More people should move here :)

Outreach projects to your friends. Get actavist/political organizing off and the is a good first step. Nothing real at a grassroots level is happening until this mediation is mediated lots of other options but they are all built from stepping over this first stumbling

are “morally bankrupt pathological liars” and many of your friends likely have been organizing all there activism there for the last 10 years.

Facebook are 'morally bankrupt liars' says New Zealand's privacy commissioner

John Edwards calls out social media giant after Christchurch attack for refusing to accept responsibility for harm


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