Am doing some "social sciences" on and I can report back that it really duse breed monsters.

A good organic point, maybe we can have a selection of badges.

* Traditional = metal, gold, silver, bronze

* New = organic

Would you like to name 3 organic badges for the

The project is a people who put the work in get the power, with basic process which for now is pretty much announcing things on , and then just doing it if no feedback

Chaotic is good for ruff consensus 🙂

Having a go at setting up simple home server

OK first attempt from a suggestion on not surprisingly, ended in fail - after 2 hours of prodding it did not work, and also it's a bait and switch with all the good stuff paid.

More ideas please for home media server and self-hosted public web apps.

"With solidarity largely a thing of the past, it is vital the left reclaim it as a way of organising in order to successfully resist capitalism."

This is the thing I found to be on rolling out and development of and finally it completely lacking for the reboot.

How to rebuild this thing we have all lost, likely getting people off the of the and the older generations off would be a good first step.

Moveing away from ossified DIY tech/projects and into the push the nuttyness into occupy. It has been a lost 10 years on

The empowered disempowered, there are a whole generation of people who are empowered to disempower people. You see this a lot on and in thinking. Getting out of this mess could be nasty, ideas for kind solutions?

Nobody in the mainstream is doing what is needed to mediate this to a good outcome in any way, think about this for a moment when you pick up or turn on mainstream media.

As the world gets more of a mess, you will increasingly get messy advice and news, this is a feedback loop. An obvious thing to say, I see examples of this all the time and they are increasing.

Spades and compost and seeds come to mind.

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Over on Just one more hit, am reducing my dose, but its the only communerty i have. Dose this remind you of druggy sub cultures? It dose to me.

Its intresting how the whole world is turned into self destructing subcultures by the its almost as if they were built that way.

As marx said a hart in a heartless world, as the new religion is a core part of the

The generation of "media activists" have drunken deeply from the and are infected by narcissism. It's hard to know what to do with the messy generation spreding the stinking shit of the they were norished on, ideas?

The digital drug addicts are going to need detoxing to be able to give up the habits. So try not to bite them when they shit all over DIY projects. Spades we need spades, shit makes good compost ;)

fails us as individuals and as a society the same with the rest of the
its not hard to understand this and the are real working alternatives. Yes non are as real as our individualism needs.

Its intresting to think about for them to have meaning they need to become a shared social tool. The problem for us is that in the world of its taken as an act of individual expression. Thus has no function in posative social change and its a mess with no good outcome

The silence of our crew, of the Liberals, of the Greens on our worship of the by organizing our activisam and our media on and the in general is deafening and defines the failure of the progressive left, and diggers and dreamers.

The longer you guys keep silent on this the deeper we fall into this stinking and self defeating HOLE.

Its looking like affective alt groups are starting to feel like they might move off thanks to the rightwing trolls :)

is a VERY POOR place for progressive actavism as its it's designed to create arguments and breed addiction/apathy.

Am saying to our liberals, likely 3/4 of our friends, that there world view is the PROBLEM rather than trump and boris who they take up so much social space railing against inside there (blocking) bubbles. Am looking at them as we used to look at the dirty protesters in the H blocks in the irish troubles times. Thus the spades are needed to cleanup the stinking mess our liberals made. Almost all my posts ignore the right/far right.

We all worship the

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