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A load of my friends are shareing this. Its a mess that could lead to crap oucome in the and more shrinking 9f 5he

5G Virus Conspiracy Theory Fueled by Coordinated Effort - Bloomberg

Post on makes me realize that almost all my posts are saying you are a irisposable idiot to wont to stay inside facebook and for SOME look at your hand the is a bloody dagger that you used to murder the ... its not a very inspiring message.

Think we need a truth and reconciliation commission on what happened to the and the people who murdered it. Otherwise the blood stains keep comeing back ;)

makes focus hard is something they used to complain about when was still a relevant thing. Can see this on most thrieds i start. Its much better on the :)

From "When activity types of people ansear the posts here with pessimism then trolling. I am assuming they are talking about the last 10 years of the and in this I agree with them it was a wasted 10 years. But over the last few years we have had a reboot my question in the end is have they tried that at all? if its more trolling I am starting to mute them as the is little value left in

Life inside the algorithm. People fight for this, they troll for this. It's a form of digital addiction. is the breeding of victim culture, its growing, its built in, it's a desired outcome of the agender. What do you think

When people deny the history of reposabilerty then they deny reality and join the "post truth world" of Trump and Boris.

The majority of my friends are both sad and bad on this subject as they don't remember the times they argued that the were not evil and cat memes were the right thing to do as the world heated up and is now catching fire.

There is lots more to this. In this case the power that you give to and google is being sold to the police so that they can control us better. This illustrates that the are total social control and feed into the force side of the state. Who would think cat memes could do so much harm to us all.

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Note: am more focused on the social rather than individual. Yes is used by us as individuals. But it easy to ignare that it has unaccountable power to change us and shape us as communitys, groups and socierty. This is actually a technical and UI issue created by business models that are pushed by a flavor of Capitalism.

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Pratt, troll, monster is the norm on and in general. Our use of them has shifted social truth on this. How to we start to shift this back

Thoughts from

It always surprises me anew when people show they have zero/negative understanding of the power and empowerment of DIY grassroots organizing. When am actively, not to say a bit annoyingly, doing open process to be meet with "you just wont to be king" is a easy to understand indictment of the people shouting. Its basic stuff to hear them saying i wont to be king NOT YOU. Which of course ignores the DIY grassroots part in that the is NO KING in the world ;)

Facebook is dotcom and it is failing us as individuals and as a society? Its whole business plan is a con. Basic stuff that the hashtag fits BUT the thing about hashtags is that they only exist if people use them.

The might be a meetup in

Sadly organised on

Ok should the title be something more relevant like rebooting indymedia - were did we come from were are we going as a way of addressing meany of the problems that indymedia ended with.

if you are intrested in why I am telling you that you are likely sharing a lot of propaganda

Manipulating people with misinformation. What's YOUR country up to?


How to solve real world problems:

Do direct action and keep doing it, get video and photos, use the media. Weather the negative reaction, negotiate, win. Problem solved, move on to the next problem.

One key thing you should not do is gas on or any of the

Conversations on The uspoken question is what practical alternative have YOU (as in the wider horazontalism movement) built today and are building for tommorw. The answer to this is generlay bad stinky air. Build something, don't just gripe on

And the answer,_ lots of this. They cannot think any more. Both sad and bad, good illustration of the problem.

When we do get the General Election we face a crises that will dwarf the use of target advertising to buy the election. Both and will receive 100's of millions in political advertising. Neather mainstream side, you and me, will see or be aware of this messaging. This money will directly stir up narrow hatred and divison. With pushing rightwing agenders we could well brake democratic norms for good. Its basic stuff.

Its very easy to have a on as it drives ad views for the . If you are progressive you could have a sensibly conversation on the with a few million other people were human activerty/community not ad driven consumerism is the outcome

Putting content into is a feed back loop which has marginal (and reducing) affect as for example all your doing is teaching the algorithms how to sell you and everyone who interacts with your content more "stuff" and in the end ideological mind/social control.

Talking to the on

Because the boring (satisfying) job of social change on the is a tiny fraction of the frivolous (empty) joy of sharing memes on that is feeding the that meme's are against. Its basic stuff.

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