Cloudless Skies: Decentralizing Mobile Interaction This smells of fantasy. It obvious that we can't keep going down this path. Ideas?

Q. What killed

A. its was destroyed by narrow minded encryponists from inside and NGO indifference outside. The final blow was the embracing of the

government. With the progressive left-reboot in the uk the will be negative left flows joining this river of change.

* Left authoritarian - are a strong hidden flow in this progressive river.

* Blinded liberal's joining the wave will dilute and pollute the river with there intolerance.

* "Hippy capitalists" will turn "change" into a marketing tool for there profit

* will spring up to solve out social problems as state controlled

Working in the cafe next to the canal. It is full of all the horrible capitalist crap I detest, sitting listening, to the overheard social/eco suicide on the next door tables.

The is being ed the question is will these reach out into the mainstream. This, for me, will depend on addressing and issues that were a part of it failing agensts the encloses.