We have a churning problem in alt-tec.

Activertypub was built from pubsubhub which was built from atompub with was built from RSS which was born in the high tide of the since this first step it's been down hill in progressive tech leading to the majority move to the and our current shit heap.

Our are feeding this churning, planting in sand. How to fix this? Graft the "new" onto soled roots

Stop the churn, stop it now.

The crew do good content but they are beyond useless on progressive tech and push agenders in left reporting that are problematic.

Conservatism/right wing is based on fear and the resulting desire for control.

Progressive/left wing is based on cooperation and trust with the resulting desire for freedom.

Yes this is muddled by right wing agenders to push their lies. Don't be a on this subject please.

This is an interesting project onionshare.org/ worth looking at for "security" beyond the and "privacy" apps.

On the other hand the are advantages to "modern" tribal and lifestyle activism - it functions as social glue to hold campaigns together and provides a “uniform” flag to rally round. You notice I do not use words like anarchist, socialist, liberalism here as these have a different role in social change thinking – they are the ideas – the clothing is what I am taking about is the hastag.

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In the left the is still strong starlinist tendencies - a lot of stuff while looking is actually quite on this path. In social change the is a bad history here that we need to constantly mediate for a better outcome open/closed etc.

This is a view of what happened in the people who are given voice and background view. In this its mainstreaming crap. Do you have a shovel to compost articals like this :)

On the subject of 'the social dilemma'

We were all idiots to embrace this seductive posion. Some people were evil... training people how to use social media while our own tech died comes to mind. Looking back sad and bad, the is now no choice but to reboot our own media. Be wary of agenders on this.

What is a its a simple, people who do what is fashernable. The complexity is that am talking about polatics, tecnolagy, and social change rather than cloths and records. The ideas are the same the subjects are different.

A radical joining a project, its kinda problamatic if you join a mainstreaming big one. The guy who runs the big two servers, paid for by patron donations to the mastodon project is not the most radical of people - to be generous a (libertarian'ish) liberal. So when push comes to shove, and it will if you get a really radical crew onto here then you guys lose your place just like you did with the You need to look harder for a sustainable actavist instance

Cloudless Skies: Decentralizing Mobile Interaction 

floe.github.io/cloudless-skies This smells of fantasy. It obvious that we can't keep going down this path. Ideas?

Q. What killed

A. its was destroyed by narrow minded encryponists from inside and NGO indifference outside. The final blow was the embracing of the

government. With the progressive left-reboot in the uk the will be negative left flows joining this river of change.

* Left authoritarian - are a strong hidden flow in this progressive river.

* Blinded liberal's joining the wave will dilute and pollute the river with there intolerance.

* "Hippy capitalists" will turn "change" into a marketing tool for there profit

* will spring up to solve out social problems as state controlled

Working in the cafe next to the canal. It is full of all the horrible capitalist crap I detest, sitting listening, to the overheard social/eco suicide on the next door tables.

The is being ed the question is will these reach out into the mainstream. This, for me, will depend on addressing and issues that were a part of it failing agensts the encloses.