The culture of "hackers of yore" were the problem, the

There are few heroes here, all the projects that worked had strong social leadership, they were affinity groups of which the were a small part, this was the healthy stage.

The projects all DIED when the geeks took control of the foundations and the took control of the facared.

We killed the then the sold it to get carreas in the it's simple and ongoing.

The control in modernism created the mess we live in. More "control" is not going to have a better outcome.

Don't be a on this please.

The is a project to mediate the current mess for better social/challenge based society. The "common sense" approach of solving the mess is a fantasy, composting is a slow organic process, technical fixes are often fantasy, and is this case obviously fail.

Let's do experienced grassroots tech, move off the path and visibley block path.

and messy is the path to take.

People are social animals first, individualism the idea and ideal is a recent way of looking at our "minds". We are blinded by the shift of the last 40 years to not see the humain balance. This is what I call worshiping the or "common sense" or neo-liberalism or capitalist realism if you are incline...

Read the book, you might find it interesting, well you will find it useful if you need to understand what am on about

it's a sociological insite into a group of people involved in tech. The is nothing "personal" about the hashtag. Have you read this book might help you.

The amount of pointlessness in the and world view is unpleasant to keep trying to work with.

Shit and composting smells bad.

But it's what we have, shoval

Our old friends in activism took the heathy internal stresses that were braking projects like to feed a vampire class, to built careers feeding on and draining grassroots corpus for 20 years.

It's not a good look these people are the ones you talk to when you talk to "power".

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This is the problem, not the solution.

Worth a read to see the issue of feeding off the state and the VC poison that shapes the ploughing over grassroots by the

These people are adding to the shifting the focus to pointlessness. But they were "our" people at one time.

Our liberal models are a complete disaster

They are way to easey to capture to agenda. I have seen this EVERY time over the last 30 years in actavisam and tech.

Time for composting this shit

When we talk about radical/progressive language issues people are full of and ignoring so the same issue is continually brought up but never mediated. This leads to a growth of bad will and the destruction of the social commons.

and are good, thinking is away in broad categories, so the rejection of this is worshipping.

Get off, your knees.

If normal people use hashtags at all they use them as self expression.

This is a obvious fail feed by to push

Hashtags are actually for self/community organization.

Q. There is only two sides the elite military complex and us pheasants tell everyone about that they might understand

A. You can see it that way if you like, but to me this and to be usefull to my thinking.

We have a churning problem in alt-tec.

Activertypub was built from pubsubhub which was built from atompub with was built from RSS which was born in the high tide of the since this first step it's been down hill in progressive tech leading to the majority move to the and our current shit heap.

Our are feeding this churning, planting in sand. How to fix this? Graft the "new" onto soled roots

Stop the churn, stop it now.

The crew do good content but they are beyond useless on progressive tech and push agenders in left reporting that are problematic.

Conservatism/right wing is based on fear and the resulting desire for control.

Progressive/left wing is based on cooperation and trust with the resulting desire for freedom.

Yes this is muddled by right wing agenders to push their lies. Don't be a on this subject please.

This is an interesting project worth looking at for "security" beyond the and "privacy" apps.

On the other hand the are advantages to "modern" tribal and lifestyle activism - it functions as social glue to hold campaigns together and provides a “uniform” flag to rally round. You notice I do not use words like anarchist, socialist, liberalism here as these have a different role in social change thinking – they are the ideas – the clothing is what I am taking about is the hastag.

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In the left the is still strong starlinist tendencies - a lot of stuff while looking is actually quite on this path. In social change the is a bad history here that we need to constantly mediate for a better outcome open/closed etc.

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