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You have to respect the people on the ground, but now the is the useal play from the center, diversaty of stratergys lets see what happens. Grassroots History duse not have kind words for this moment. Cross fingers and keep a critical eye on the flooding rushing to the "center" and away from the "streets".

The is a smigen of truth to the are a problem that is part of the human condition.

Environment ‘could have been saved years ago if protesters didn’t look like twats’

THE biggest obstacles to saving the planet are the clothing and physical appearance of environmental protesters, research has found.

The right are takeing progressive agenders and turning them into conservative agenders. Probably the majoraty of my friends have taken this right path. From the mens movement to the non debates. are dangerous.

Do you remember that you all though this was a good idea

"Bitcoin is little more than a speculator’s death cult at this point."

The users don't wont to take on responsibility
And the geeks dont wont to give it up.

just do what is mainstream
just do what is mainstream and they can have total control/security over.

ie. They feed each other.

The is not alt until these matching problems are mediated.

Start a creative outreach stepaway from the project and watch the old crap trubbale when you glance back. Be a part of asoughted to create useful social movements