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The and are both social groups we have to move aside from if we are to have hope for technical social change

Everything has disappeared out of all conversations. The have gone into hiding. What's next for the chattering classes of tech?

are house slaves and feald slaves. Slaves to the crap that is pushed at them by the

We need to make spades fashernable.

Our are useless so if we are to make any social change it has to be done by small focued affinity groups before expanding into helping srink the useless mainstream activism space and expand heathy commons. what we do with these commons is up to us.

Idea to escape the media manipulation that puts Trump and Johnson into power and will keep doing this as its the business models of and Were are the tools to organize. Am asking a simple question and giving a simple sulution with as strong a protection against cooption and irrelevance.

Looking to do affective actavisam.

Academic historys of our movements are not very useful as they are strongly second hand sources mostly from

We need more minoraty views from participants. For my view this will reveal open/closed and process/serendipity that is at the hart of the actavist debates. For eample in my view started open/serendipity and died closed/bureaucratic. A simple story to base a reboot on.

is a good process to mediate this problem.

are a large and growing in efficiency in the and to a lesser extent on the as they push easy for profit bad solutions to meany daily needs.

A good way round this is to look for mean answers to questions rather than the mode answers?

Better ideas for solving the disaster advice?

digital flotsam pushed by what ever current is strong in the moment. In the digital era this is a large minoraty.

Talking to the on

Because the boring (satisfying) job of social change on the is a tiny fraction of the frivolous (empty) joy of sharing memes on that is feeding the that meme's are against. Its basic stuff.

All "radical media" projects have been problematic, having fallowed them for years fallowing and pushing projects to thinking for funding/control. Some links on a series of projects for background We do need a not more deadends please.

Think its to direct and clear my self, if i pandered closer to the limits on "culture" yes would go further, but would go shallower. While our culture is dieing, which it actually is... makes you look agen at all the stupid reasons people have put to me over the last 10 years not to move away from the into a sad and bad light. Simple and TRUE.

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Put out the same true message for the last 10 years on the and twitter mostly. Put the message out on the and mostly. The dotcons this has been blocked by the as the message not sell advertising makes uncomfortable with limits of there lives

Not spread on it is against the underling meany of the "outsiders" that live in the

Gota smile as our cultures fail

You have to respect the people on the ground, but now the is the useal play from the center, diversaty of stratergys lets see what happens. Grassroots History duse not have kind words for this moment. Cross fingers and keep a critical eye on the flooding rushing to the "center" and away from the "streets".

The is a smigen of truth to the are a problem that is part of the human condition.

Environment ‘could have been saved years ago if protesters didn’t look like twats’

THE biggest obstacles to saving the planet are the clothing and physical appearance of environmental protesters, research has found.

The right are takeing progressive agenders and turning them into conservative agenders. Probably the majoraty of my friends have taken this right path. From the mens movement to the non debates. are dangerous.

Do you remember that you all though this was a good idea

"Bitcoin is little more than a speculator’s death cult at this point."

The users don't wont to take on responsibility
And the geeks dont wont to give it up.

just do what is mainstream
just do what is mainstream and they can have total control/security over.

ie. They feed each other.

The is not alt until these matching problems are mediated.

Start a creative outreach stepaway from the project and watch the old crap trubbale when you glance back. Be a part of asoughted to create useful social movements