Most good software tech value is in the social "use" the technical codeing it self has little value, the are huge piles of decaying code with little "use" value.

The is that this "value" is invisible to the people codeing that then end up adding more churn to the techshit pile.

Q. Value, use the look at outreach and long open social threads. Do not push codeing.

The current open-source/free software world is based on medieval political ideas of aristocracy and monarch, this is OBVIOUSLY useless in the modern world.

Our failed mediation of this with the of neoliberalism pushes the current piles of steaming and touches on the

The is an obvious disaster with the so for our own motivation let's put them to one side.

Our tech is hopelessly mired in the , so we need to compost a shitload of this.

The path out of both of these paths is an old one based on trust and humanity.

Let's reboot the with grassroot democracy at its core.

This easily pushes the out to let "us" focus on useful projects, social tech needs the social/democratic.

The mess we are in. Now we have to compost a pile of our own and try and mediate the that keeps adding to our mess.
Think democracy is a VERY good start please add a statement of support.

Good to look at data and metadata for what it is, social glue that holds society together.

The worship separates and atomise people, as does privacy and security coded by the

Take a moment to step back, our contemporary code is all shaping

Our society/ecology is sick from this blinded worship.

From this dogmatic liberalism, one thried is our society's are moving to corporate socialism. That is "law" and norms are shaped to value a tiny number of the nastyist people at the "top".

Data and metadata is privateised. "National socialism" is the "comman sense" we code for/agenest.

The address this some of us need to step away and code outside "liberalism" and not in reaction to fashisam.

are natives.

is a metaphor for neoliberalism.

What is dev? When you think about it is a gift economy. Most people worship the so it is common sense that what they say is neoliberalism.

They don't talk with in the understanding of the subject they talk about. this is sadly normal

An example of the

Everything we do is built on "standards" though we do have a problem of the defining bodies.

Some people like building sandcastles, it is what you are doing if you just make shit up in tech.

Actually this is fantasy as ANYTHING you are already building is already on top of a whole pile of standards.

I think people are expressing tribalism and not talking tech in practical sense at all.

What do you think? the is simple a critic of a modernist point of view, the persute of control/certainty that diminishes our ability to flourish.

A problem that our "engineering" minded people need to work beyond. The is a good descriptive hashtag to use to thried this education.

I often find that the coders working on projects we use have different agender to us producers and users. An example of this, is looking like the new filtering tools for videos in i share the links but find you need to be logged in to actually access them as URL's likely the is a resion for this or a am kinda interested, what were they thinking this is for and what do the users and producers wont? If  you look at contemporary programming – you will see in theory something that looks like anarchism and in realty something that feels like Stalinist USSR or Nazi Germany. The need for control and security is at the base of our culture, it is an inhumane outcome, code should always be messy as should our society.

The is not actually interested in the as a human value network. Instead, they often feed off the current mess in different unhealthy ways. Feeding off the dying is bowing down to the

The poison is an illness that seeping into everything it's run away from the that started it and is now pure and the acolytes bow and scrap their heads as they worship.

To understand how the shapes EVERYTHING around you this is a true look at our "borders" and the is at the heart of this story.

funding issues. When I have time, going to go through the NGI list from a right/left prospective to put some numbers into the arguments to make them clearer. We need some focus to move away from the current as the funding for the grassroots side of it ramps up and pours down the drain.

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