What are the hashtags? were were digital would would make you rich. To were it is all a con and will kill billions due to climate chaos and political nastyness over the next 100 years. Why the hashtags? We as communerty decided to abandon the and embrace this mess. Time to pick up a spade and compost this crap, were next?

What is the and the issue.

400 new securaty problems have just been announced for 40% of the devices in our pockets. This same story happens every month or so... these problems are at the chip level and can never be fixed in the device in your pocket.

Our "phones" are as complex as anything built by human beings. Think the British or Roman empire level of complexity siting in your pocket feeding you social media updates.

Am doing a talk at this event conf.activitypub.rocks/#talks about the reboot project.

Need help on how to get the and crew to understand "social technology" thinking and resulting projects built on the

This is a hard sell, even though crew are probably the best ordnance around for this kinda project.

The was ripped apart by meany forces.

pushing securaty theater broke UI and trust based relationships

narrowed this into a irrelevant subculture.

inbraced the bad in both sides for self intrest, greed and fame.

privatised data and metadata to the service of profit and social controle. All the above groups played there role in this.

The is a hollow shell for most people


The and are both social groups we have to move aside from if we are to have hope for technical social change

The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

The is simple, just html5 linking to html5 with a sprinkling of CSS they are all text formats that humans can kinda read. Its what the have built on top to control us is the complex bit. Then the is of our apps that we need to move beyond as well

Q. > the desire to control

Control what?

A. this is an intresting one. Lets try an example: the idea that "you wont somebody else to build it" unconsciously puts all responsibility in the "geeks" hands were the idea, the ui, the look and feel and the process that we are setting out to solve is not given balence in the cooperative work for the desired outcome. Think that not a bad example of the that geeks refuse to look at the problem... rinse and repeat.

Not for the first time and likely not the last time. Misunderstanding of what am saying/talking about. To be clear the is complex in that its at root a unhealthy/inhuman desire for total control.

The federated model is both pandering to the problem, here have control and diluting the problem by spreading it thinly and then turning it into vapor ie. Its a kind stepaway if you understand the problem is there to stepaway from :)

Q. Now, will you kindly define your adversaries, so I could learn who are the bad guys?

A. Its more complex than good/bad

the desire to control

the desire to belong

the desire to be rich

Desire is a human thing that can be healthy and unhealthy. I think the is a common understanding of the problem with geeks. Fashion is a bedrock of capital driven consumerism, as is the desire to be rich.

Time for the semantic web? That's the project from the bottom up. Most semantic web projects are top down and pure :) make the right choice.

Found a circle on the talking about the the issue at the hart of the problem is that geeks can't see the problem. Go round a few circals with them and arrive no nearer them seeing the problem.

Q. What is the geek problem?

Problem terms a teenage mix of arrogance and ignorance that is pretty universal and a self interested pushing of greed over human need. All basic stuff that it's good to have an opinion on and would definitely be a bad thing not to have an opinion on ;)

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The fight between open/closed is a dangerous game of figleaf. Media is always done in the open so trying to secure and close this is completely self defeating. In social networks its more complex, privacy is open is sudo anonymous at best. In closed in theory you can have secure p2p connections l, but for 99.9% of people running on standard corporate hardwere the is no way to trust this so agen sudo anonymous. So technology could be "secure" for .001% of people maybe.

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