The is a big network affect there just waiting to be set loose.

This is currently blocked by thinking and agenda core to the project... and the that can not see this issue at all...

Show thread This is an example of the it's an over complex sultion to a feed, something that itself is a inhuman problem. And it was paid for by our taxes...

Overcomplexity feeding ediction paid for by the commons is a BAD look... and our own tech funding is doing much the same .

The video is little better than worship, but the social tech it talks about is interesting.

Blast from a few years ago we did a lot of work on this but in the end it was by the you can find this is you click on we still need a reboot :)

The culture of "hackers of yore" were the problem, the

There are few heroes here, all the projects that worked had strong social leadership, they were affinity groups of which the were a small part, this was the healthy stage.

The projects all DIED when the geeks took control of the foundations and the took control of the facared.

We killed the then the sold it to get carreas in the it's simple and ongoing.

It's all non-political hardwear...

This stuff is pointless without a strong, active community to use/grow it, though

Do you think they understand this social/tech

the common sense in tech is a parasite on development. Worshipping the is normal in the world view

Academic constipation mixed with the

Academic constipation mixed with the

Is a problem that is also a urgent human problem

Academic constipation mixed with the is the problem and little to do with the solution.

The is more power in messy than in "control" with the social technology is first human.

We need a long hard look at the to mediate a better social outcome from our lovely geeky subcultures.

If you are so blinded/arrogant that you take the tools of and try to force them to work in , then this is wasted time/focus and resources.

Thinking of here, and the in general.

Open/closed as useful metaphor, judge projects and orgs by the is a good first step

We have a riddle with the in that it's about the geeks (as a group) not seeing that some of their shared "common sense" is a HUGE problem.

A (anti-common sense) book on "groups" is a step they could see themselves, what do you think?

The amount of pointlessness in the and world view is unpleasant to keep trying to work with.

Shit and composting smells bad.

But it's what we have, shoval

you are seeing the end game of ALL vertical alternative organisations.

It's beyond pointless to set up more crappy vertical/#ngo projects as parts of the grassroots.

Please don't push more of this common sense shit, the are piles to compost, shoval?

is built from 20 years of mediateing this mess, it's a shoval if anyone has the focus to use it. The makeing of the is it self composting the

We came to this concusern more than 10 years ago for the project.

is healthy balance in social tech.

It avoids the of "trustless" computing and gives humane freedom that are so important to social thinking/life.

Do you think that the see them selves as deluded yet. Have we moved back into "post security" are we on the edge of becoming humain agen?

Is it time to mediate the to empower the change/challenge the geeks of this world need.

Most good software tech value is in the social "use" the technical codeing it self has little value, the are huge piles of decaying code with little "use" value.

The is that this "value" is invisible to the people codeing that then end up adding more churn to the techshit pile.

Q. Value, use the look at outreach and long open social threads. Do not push codeing.

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