"A look at the

In the alt tech, everything is broken. At the heart of this is an assumption that control and certainty are needed for good software. Were in reality software matches the human condition of transentery/lossy. Trying to force the first ideal is why most of our alt projects do not work. This is the base of the "

The has strong blocking energy on radical tech.

Ideas/strategies to mediate/overcome this unspoken block?

Idea to escape the media manipulation that puts Trump and Johnson into power and will keep doing this as its the business models of and Were are the tools to organize. Am asking a simple question and giving a simple sulution with as strong a protection against cooption and irrelevance.

Trying out some standard tech tools, we could probably fix the issues but these initial issues mean the tools are not ready for outreach. This is normal that is rearly resolved so outreach all to often fails. We need tools that work outa the box.

The users don't wont to take on responsibility
And the geeks dont wont to give it up.

just do what is mainstream
just do what is mainstream and they can have total control/security over.

ie. They feed each other.

The is not alt until these matching problems are mediated.

If your project is ideological and your are pushing it as a universal sulution then you are pushing nothing socially useful. Only projects that bridge ideological differences are useful at social scales. This is a simple truth that all projects miss.

The is being ed the question is will these reach out into the mainstream. This, for me, will depend on addressing and issues that were a part of it failing agensts the encloses.