The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

Q. Also that whatever process people use, it needs to work in the mess.

A. In tech outreach work using the hashtag to highlight the “need for control” that is a clear block and not a solution to the very human mess we are in. We need to build structers/code where we “lose” control of our current agenders and take “control” by building bridges and holding these human bridges in place, so we can choose different paths.

is a guiding light in this project to mediate the and the (understanding comes from fallowing flows to their source )

The is a general issue of misunderstanding of “total control” and what it is to be human. The are an example of this, that have been dominate for the last 10 years, the solution to everything is “privacy” “lock down” isolated individualism, me only me “no such thing as society only individuals and their family’s”.

The need for control and security is at the base of our culture, it is an inhumane outcome, code should always be messy as should our society.

Do you remember when all our crew were recommending we used 's then this is a good video to watch never trust these crew please.


There are world view gaps that make this a hard bridge to hold in place.

Example Diaspora and RSS based networks - the young Turks did a CLOSED network and shouted down the existing OPEN networks... 10 years go by, and we have to reinvent RSS+ as to launch open networks - talking about examples like this when i talk about the and

The 10 years that is missing is the problem.

What people likely hear beers little relation to what am saying.

The has a fatal case of “herding cats” with its development and agender being pushed by and

AP by going the “standards root” made it out of this mess and gained a wide user base of “cats” and increasingly normal human beings.

In this history on balance, we “failed” as much as they seceded.

On the subject of the yes we need social understanding of technology - all code is ideology solidified and put into motion to have a social affect.

Currently, often the "ideology" is little more than the hidden by "kind words" - this is always a bad thing, and a very common bad thing.

This is a nice project though its still a full on part of the as the tools are way to hard for even semi normal people to try and use. So its a .001% project trying to be outreach with tools.

From a few years ago:

Not for the first time and likely not the last time. Misunderstanding of what am saying/talking about. To be clear the is complex in that its at root a unhealthy/inhuman desire for total control.
The federated model is both pandering to the problem, here have control and diluting the problem by spreading it thinly and then turning it into vapour ie. It's a kind of step away if you understand the problem is there to stepaway from 🙂

Its more complex than good/bad

the desire to control

the desire to belong

the desire to be rich

Desire is a human thing that can be healthy and unhealthy. I think the is a common understanding of the problem with geeks. Fashion is a bedrock of capital driven consumerism, as is the desire to be rich.

The interesting/powerful thing is to call people and groups out from their unhealthy desires.
And in reaction nurture good desires.

Think the thing that courses the tech churning is a lack of respect for joined up social thinking in the world view. This tiny minority think they can invent from their limited social experience and ignore the wider social context and history of radical movements. This is why the work that come from this always fails humane agenders and thus feeds the dominant pointlessness.

The has fallowed this in that it is direct copy’s of existing useful - peertube is youtube, pixalfeed is Instagram etc. On balance has been positive, though not without its problems. Has clearly overcome the last 10 years of pointless in alt-tech for now.

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Thinking about the from a progressive history in the Soviet Union we had a control and fear based economic syteam so its important that we don't blindly go down the same path. Need to think that defending agenst control is simply a reflection of control. Its to blindly go down this path, we do need to do something else as the soviet syteam was not that "progressive" and suggesting as a better path out of our current mess.

From 3 years ago:

Its interesting we are seeing two sides to the reboot.

You have the old:

1) The of the old alt-web keeps pushing it self into the new open, muddying the waters.

2) The are still there but doing a whole parallel project that is shrinking.

The new:

1) The new UI/openstandards apps are expanding drawing in new "virgin" users.

2) We have confusion and scaling issues, not a bad thing.

Lets not drag the new back to the old please.

and the poison nuts of everyday life our and our whole economic system and based on these poisoned mythos. We need to build systems that run counter

This is an interesting expirence for us we lost our chat server in this fire.

Makes me think about the project and the that has blocked the last 10 years of rollout. Our plan has ALWAYS been home hosting of our content. BUT this has been BLOCKED due to security issues that to me are beyond pointless - looking at this fire you can kinda see the point in my view. Beyond pointless... at the we are building a "stupid" grassroots version of the based on "trust" and affinity. The most important value is

it's a project worth building though it is hard to get "focus" on this in a that is at the core of the prevailing and thinking/working.

Worth a read for what taking "politics" out of openweb projects means - it is stupid liberal shit and to get some understanding of where the comes from.

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