Show newer has nocked our chat server offline.... this highlights that some services need to be "trust" and others/most can live with "lossy" at the we are building out the "lossy" as the whole has been focused on "control" for way to long. Who is up for working on rebalancing?

created this mess, cannot fix this mess.

The built the The played its role in destroying alt-media and the

The embraced the mess for sugar and spices.

Shovels and composting come to mind - I use the shovel metaphor because its our sweat and work that will get us out of this mess.

The is no magic tech fix, it's a human problem that needs humane crew to solve it.

The blocking humanity.

Am trying to talk people through how to install Xmpp chat - its way

And "conversations" is the easiest/best chat app we have found....

The is coding for Serenity/security/certainty where it does not exist - this is the root to the withering tree of digital fascism.

It's anti-human not surprisingly.

The is trusting in humane networks to build their own workflow of "trust" this is the root to democracy.

This is human, all to human.

Yes I really do use the word "fascism" as this is where the current leave us with the pushing of driving righwing politics.

The [problem see standards like a "cult" sees standards

The see like a "cult" sees behaver.

Neo-liberalism sees economics like a "cult" sees the world. In this it can be seen as a as it has the same roots.

Have had this on the side of my blog for more than 10 years "A river that needs crossing political and tech – On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over complexity"

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Just to add that I was involved in the history of these though took no part in the project ripping.

From my view you have two sides both deeply

The federates who were full on at

And the centralized contoling of the ( thinking) at mayday.

Open grassroots media was pushed onto the trash heap by agenders.

A bad outcome

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We need to build based infrastructure. This needs to have radical social DNA at its roots and are examples of this. We need to abandon the 100s of pointless tech projects and at the same time step away from tech. An example of what we need a simple path out of this mess.

Approaches to security are subject of debate.

For example, in debate about security strategies, some argue that security depends on developing protective and coercive capabilities in order to protect the security referent in a hostile environment (and potentially to project that power into its environment, and dominate it to the point of supremacy). The strives for this outcome without putting it into words.

We are doing the same project at the though we clearly let the users/producers define the community growing from the grassroots use. If you don't trust the people you cannot have real democratic institutions and are left with feudal ( traditional open-source dev), capitalism (the ) or (most radical tech) as a path, none of these are the world we need to be building is my view.

Trust nobody is neo-liberalism in code "there's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families"

The and the need to be made to see this in their own works. The is no fix for this that the can come up with. the agender is killing us all and this is not a metaphor

The implementation has suffered from the in that they have a mod workflow rather than a trust based workflow. This is a normal issue and a clear on the rollout of projects. To be discussed.

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This is a instance displaying a video from another peertube instance called kolektiva - they are talking the same feed language as mastodon so their posts can be shared and commented on from your mastodon account but you might have to work out how to do this as it's still a bit of a

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The takes how programmers think code should be written and tests it against how collectives feel code should be used.
It's a simple idea and not a new invention.
It is a core to overcoming the within the reboot of project.

The takes how programmers think code should be written and uses it as a test of how code should be used. Its a simple no new invention idea. It is core to overcoming with the reboot of project.

In webdev is more valuable than functionality as people can create their own functions and workflow from tools, but they can ONLY do what the tells them to do from functional tools.

I learn this from the rise and fall of the wonderful couch-surfing DIY project and the death of the bad couch-surfing project.

The has played a role in main streaming the of course I like meany people, here, love culture. Let's be clear what we are talking about. Click on the hashtag above to get a path to understanding what the problem am I talking about. If your interested that is :)

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