Its basic stuff we have lived in a for 40 years and its well past time to step away from this mess

Were in a mess and with out any of our own media its hard to escape this mess
If you read this with a open mind you realise the liberals are about technocratic social control. The is no good outcome from this, the people who created the problem are comeing up with "solutions" that do not address the root of the problem. Them selves and the social syteam they live and think inside. Its simple stuff

The is a project to create a powerful commons for groups to use to create spaces (communitys) of belonging in a world of equals. In a simple way it opens up a horazontalist space for happiness. What we do with this is up to us all.

For people still useing the

Remember everything you post on and the in general just reaches the echo chamber and almost nowhere outside this to really affect real outcomes. Its simple truth we need to face

Q. Recommandations for on : encrypt everything, avoid creating metadata, don't leave things unspecified (diversity means leakage).

A. This view is a reflection of the a path is the only option that might not pass through disaster

When doubt is not doubt also any moment with "truth" in the name is likely propaganda. Its not helped that is narrowed to a "liberal" understanding of the world. If you don't think and start to act to create/reboot open media networks you are part of the problem, not a part of the sulotion. Its simple stuff

Its basic stuff we have lived in a neo-liberal for the last 40 years. The are only two choices rightwing which will solve nothing or leftwing which is a mess but has some hope. Most of the things the mainstream/center think of as solution are inside the time to stepaway

Its basic stuff... and ones you digitize culture and community the only question that is important is who controls the data. The ones that do have the power to reshape us. And the only answer is simple basic stuff.

On that subject please start to use as tags are created and held in common. In this we hold the power, please do not use the algorithms as then the hold the power, the is the start of a revolution in this action

Post from

We live in a that we feed by pushing one of the ways out is the a good example

And for people who say this post is gobbledygook if you click on any of the links you will soon find posts defining each term. The is made of links its both sad and bad that meany lazy people i have forgotten this simple thing.

Novara Media I affectionately call them from the prospective of radical tech and less radical prospective they produce fab content but no real desire to step away from the mainstream. They look like the wont to be the new Guardian, no bad thing as far as that goes, BUT its not the alt-media project we need

Must get boring with just saying we have fucked up all the time and pointing at simply was out of this fuckup

So who else has real practical/simple paths out of this mess. Lets hear some different views before i get back to the drum beat of doom and hope.

We have not been doing the basic stuff for the last 10 years its no wonder we are in this mess now. Talk about big ideas and big talk are just GAS with out the basic stuff to build from.

Our first small problem is the stench of GAS in every thired that stinks and drives people away. ideas

*** Smell filling the air, possibility of destructive explosion, unpleasant misma ***

All "radical media" projects have been problematic, having fallowed them for years fallowing and pushing projects to thinking for funding/control. Some links on a series of projects for background We do need a not more deadends please.

I don't call it for nothing this last 10 years. Its one of the and actavist have been well and truly conned and the is one way out of this mess.

This project is against the flow of that the feed on. In this it is good AND bad ie. Its self limited to a tiny number of people who actively do cooperation. And excludes the 99.9% who do not. The is no bridge here, move on

The is talk about the need to recreate radical media networks.

We need simple clear understandings of why and altmedia in general failed before rebooting. And i use simple and not singular in this sentence just to be clear. As the differing views of why it failed are at the core of why it failed in my view. A reboot has to bridge these understandings

We don't have any media distribution because we don't have our own culture. Its a simple truth

In the westen world I would say almost all the war that matters is fought in the media. YES the disadvantaged are the casualties and the 3ed world will be disseminated. BUT they do not matter to the power plays that fight the war, collateral damage. The war that makes a difference is fought in the media and we have ZERO media distribution of our own, its a problem that undercurrents mediated for a time.

It is a media war and we have no media

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