all our project need help if you have time or know anyone who would be interested, it's radical grassroots web dev/hosting

In the anarchist stream, the are meany , who are mostly pointless. (A) only they miss the second bit (O) organisation

This makes "scean" anarchism a waste of space. Get out and do something more useful while you can

Vertical people will keep wining in till we have some shared world-view on the progressive/left and some examples of practical working alternatives for people to rally round

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Fuck up then fuckup better is not a bad aproch, but in moderation.

Permaculture is composting shit, we do need more people in on this mission...

Have you seen this we have moved all the undercurrents and visionontv archive to the we need to take the old videos and embed them in meany new places so that they spread over the network to get a feedback on views and thus social impact.

We need to reconnect contemporary activism to past activist movements to learn and mutate.

The crew run 6 instances of servers with a few thousand users, some more used than others. We make admin/mod desions based on user reports, then admins/mods make a decision if simple or run it past other admin/mods if borderline/complex.

Action is ban/account removal if obvious and repeated toots. To dialogue leading to lesser sanction or escalating to ban if no useful response.

We don't do hard rules/and tend to give benefit of doubt for a while.

Worked for last 4-5 years.

If you are interested is the (dis)organization that runs these servers you can find out more and get involved

In part our social and ecological crisis is being pushed by the can you understand why We create this mess in our daily "common sense" lives, everything we touch is bowing down to the it's easey to see this but hard to be different

All the projects are not about social change, they are about the possibility of social change/challenge.

We need to know that the world can change BEFORE we take the step to change it.

Our projects are the helping hand for people to take this step.

We have another 10 years of total social madness, then 10 years of climate related social clapes... then we might do something about the current mess.

This is not a good path to take, step away from this NOW.

every solution in federated DIY grassroots tec is "more people" so invite more people the servers are up long term:)

With the report out it is now that we live and worship a

What are we going to do about this now


The has been 40 years of lies, we have bowed down to the and worshipped nihilism and neoliberal "greed is good" for to long, it is pastime to step away from this shit pile. You need a shovel to compost

You do understand that all of us worshiping the created this mess what is the plan now

The project is obviously failing, and is likely to catastrophicly fail over the next 50 years as grows.

We face a frightening choice,:

keep bowing down to the with the outcome of the rule big, dumb ugly men with guns.

Build and support alternative projects/paths, worship a nurture the maybe then we can have a humaine outcome.

The are no easey paths

A reminder that the clective spent a year working on the project. the test servers are still running and work well as a alt-globle newswire this project stalled but is obviously more needed than ever, the world is a mess.

You do understand that the will become more visible over the next few years, neo-liberalism might be over, the social poison will continue to kill and displace millions of people, stating out there but rapidly happening here as well.

We URGENTLY need to step away from this mess.

projects are steps.

Judge social/tech projects by the and WALK away from ones that fail, do this over the next weeks don't wait till next year.

Stopping the poison is key.

People are social animals first, individualism the idea and ideal is a recent way of looking at our "minds". We are blinded by the shift of the last 40 years to not see the humain balance. This is what I call worshiping the or "common sense" or neo-liberalism or capitalist realism if you are incline...

Read the book, you might find it interesting, well you will find it useful if you need to understand what am on about

The crew are of the worst sort... All the projects are takeing progressive focus and turning it into shit, the is not any alt here it's the hiding behide illushern and

Use the to compost it, support real alt projects

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