We live inside highly urban complex society. Lifestyle is a way of forming a tribe inside this mainstream flow. The problem for activism is that this old school tribalism is a BLOCK on social change as looking and talking right are obviously MORE important than being right. Being right would be "resistance" and lifestyle is about going with the counter flow. Good not to mix this shit up

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Take a moment to think about basics: activism/campaigning is about building resistance to the mainstream to change its flow in progressive directions. Were is about shifting activism to reduce these resistances to the mainstream flow. Thus, it's good to understand that is a agender to build the jobs of the people involved and is in turn funded to this end. Good not to get the shit mixed up

We have strong flows of academic and lifestyle anarchism and less strong flows of on the ground anarchism in action. The theory and play dominate/push the lack of social impact. This is a problem that we need to balance for a positive/practical social outcome

At we are good at radical grassroots media training and will be using these skills as a part of and rollout.

Can't believe this is from 2009 forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?t we have been doing radical tech for a long time. The visionon.tv project is still going strong, but we do need shovels to clear up the mess in the rest of radical tech

Our mission on the is to hold the bridge open between the fluffy/spiky debate visionon.tv/videos/overview please support us in the dialogue. Thanks

To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

At the we are now running 7 servers and could do with some more help with sysadmin and maintenances. We are keeping them online but the is always stuff to fix and tweek.

We will be expanding with the test federating indymedia roll out sites over the next few days so don't be shy if you have some skills get in touch.

The was ripped apart by meany forces.

pushing security theatre broke and trust based relationships

narrowed this into an irrelevant subculture.

in braced the bad in both sides for self-interest, greed and fame.

privatized data and metadata to the service of profit and social control. All the above groups played their role in this.

The is a hollow shell for most people


You are into early computer metaphors with the buttons - think mainframes. We are a "newspaper" so the tabs and table and paper sheets make a feeling for the project. Always echo back if you can for a project that is based on a solid past.

For new stuff "invention" is good and the will be lots of space and growth for this when the is up and running...

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One thing the fediverse tought us is that copying existing successfully projects is a root out of the that embrace. So this up to a point is the right thing to do for social change. We for the first time put a spin on it by rebooting a radical grassroots social tech project. But behind this is something much more radical. The lets see if we can plant and nurture a seed. Think the soil is a little dry past time for some compost, get your spades out.

So you guys got your shovels out we still have pilles of neo-liberal shit to move to compost the Trump years is not going to save us. This is the same old stink, the same old pile. Get to it with a will please


To move away from the current mess we have to look at (and rethink) this w3.org/standards/semanticweb/ the problem with the current aproch is and top down. This obvusly will not work,as it has always failed in the past.

So learn from the mess and stepway to a bottom up grassroots approach which is the only way of doing these things. This is what we are trying to build with the project.

It's all about who you empower.

The idea of the is similar to how the grow. it's a openmarket of ideas. The difference is the ground that these each build on. The dotcons build on capital agenders. The OMN builders on human commerty agenders. What's the outcome? We hoped shaped by the agrenders they are built on top of.

Batons out as UK police CLASH with protesters during London anti-lockdow... youtu.be/l75ackW7Ry0 This is what a feels like. do you have a spade to clear up this stinking mess

At the we are currently upgrading servers so the might be some down time. Bigger, brighter, better coming soon

Interesting thinking about the map of the#fedivers when you look at the part of it it will look a bit screwy. But will still fully connect.

The is a practical tool to move media objects around and pipe them into flows that effortlessly add metadata in a way. You can put any thing into it and pull anything out, we are building a grassroots news network and a achieving tool, you can build what you like.

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