The is a simple project to decisively move power from the and the to the producers of media content. From this grasssroots “commons” a new digital/economic/social ecosystem can/will grow.

As with everything human it is up to use what we do with this power.

spent the last few months putting bridges in place, but everyone just keeps wondering off so then spend lots of time trying to hold the bridges from falling down... goda get some self standing bridges with soled foundations :) am very happy with at mo

Our powerlessness feeds our desire to hate, which is why controversy driven are such a problem as they feed and feed off both problems. It's a good business model but bad for us and our environment.
We need to step away from this mess

To solve our "governance" issues we need to take/give "ownership" of our projects to a "messy" thus human community that actually brings the "value" to the projects.

Without this "democratic" instinct we are lost in a shit heap of power politics feeding which then feedbacks back into

This circle in praying to the we all do this and some of us need to stop doing this

The world nobody can be right thus the is nothing that is right except what the dominate ideology that is pushed into you as "common sense" with the being this ideology it's not going to end well for us or our ecology

Please think about this when looking at projects

let’s start with history. The editorial workflow of is based on which is based on basic grassroots journalism growing from radical anarchist traditions.

The is about building bootem up trust based media networks for publishing and soughing content with enriched metadata flows. In the end you have a “stupidly simple semantic web of media object “cauldrons” and flows build up from a local level. What you/we do with this is up to the users/producers… this is held to radical politics by

The is a part of the fediverse to grow an native approach, creating distributed metadata enriched permanent stores of stories and media/data.

The is set out to solve this problem from the bottom-up: the lived communities define the categories.

Hope is affective social challenge/change. The is no hope in this is carrier building and statues games for individuals.

We live in an era of reactionary politics that the rightwing use by appealing to a sense of injustice and then, instead of focusing anger on the rightful target (capitalism etc) they create a movement to serve their own class interests, in most cases this is of far right libertarianism.

Please step away from this game and

It's not just the sprit of the age, which it is, its the sprit of a tiny minority of people that is now grown into a worldwide problem from/for the and the alt-tech crew.

There are simple ways out of this mess and the and are examples of this path that we need to take.

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Of course this can and will be updated as needed, but we have a “chicken and egg” issue that we need a working affinity group/s to reach consensus on where we go. The project is a way of bootstrapping this code/process in way.

To keep “diversity of strategy” in place we are using the framework.

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And the KEY WORD is "WE" if you missed that bit as you maybe did.

WE need to build the

Not me, not your idea, not my idea... ideas that are embedded in social movement is a project for YOU and OUR community to rally round and build real alternatives to and other dogmas that shape pour dreams and lives.

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and the poison nuts of everyday life our and our whole economic system and based on these poisoned mythos. We need to build systems that run counter

Our end plan in the is that all the content is redundantly stored in the network in a way, so traditional backup is less important -when it goes wrong, and it will sometimes as we are home hosting. Just boot up a new noid put your hashtags and user info in and all your content will be sucked back in a good anufe way. This makes home hosting work well enough to scale outward to build a

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