this is now over 1000 videos hosted on on all subjects from to to green building and every social movements you can think of

The are now playing the victim card with their crap, now calling in our is

Out with the shovals the is piles of to compost

Dig for the

culture and grassroots protest has won all the civil rights you take for granted today to rejuvenate this lost movement we need working tech , and we need it now.

The is invisible to people who look for "power", it is opaque to people who look for status, it's beyond useless for people who look for money.

What is it good for,? if you can see value, please add your thoughts in comments:

This is the problem, not the solution.

Worth a read to see the issue of feeding off the state and the VC poison that shapes the ploughing over grassroots by the

These people are adding to the shifting the focus to pointlessness. But they were "our" people at one time.

From this dogmatic liberalism, one thried is our society's are moving to corporate socialism. That is "law" and norms are shaped to value a tiny number of the nastyist people at the "top".

Data and metadata is privateised. "National socialism" is the "comman sense" we code for/agenest.

The address this some of us need to step away and code outside "liberalism" and not in reaction to fashisam.

are natives.

The is a standards based political software framework to build and grassroots semantic web of trust links and flows. We do this by outlining a human understandable workflow and then building apps for real world use. We are agnostic on the underlighing technology and programming as long as it is based.

The all ready has all the “solutions” It’s why it is has “problem” on the end of the hashtag. A problem that is going to kill millions of people and displace billions over the next hundred years we do need to step away and compost this shit

We have a flood of historical and contemery activism videos flowing here into the as this is a grassroots project based on the trhe is a need for people to put these videos into flows and add tags to bring relevance and allow people to find connections. Message me here if you would be interested in taking on any role in this. The is a trust network, let's build some trust.

the is a hard push of this shit now as the flesh is melting off there projects body's, the spin is slapping on makeup and perfume to hide the stink of rot and explotation

Don't fall into the techshit it's the snogging the zombies of the ists.

Don't become a tech zombie, chuse life and the

The is a grassroots gift economy. Over the next few weeks, huge numbers of historical activist videos are arriving. To add value/community to this flow we need moderates to put the videos into subject/channels and add tags to share them on and we need to them make stories to bridge this history to current campaigning.

If you are interested in the the list of projects on the wiki pages the is much work to find at different tech and social skills, ask question about what you find interesting and can point to jobs that need focus.

Am pleased to announce we now have the entire archive of undercurrent and visionontv moving over to at at one video a hour to avoided being caught you youtube API limits. Should add over 2000 videos back to the ready for feeding into the if we ever find some coder focus :) let’s start with history. The editorial workflow of is based on which is based on basic grassroots journalism growing from radical anarchist traditions. The is about building bootem up trust based media networks for publishing and soughing content with enriched metadata flows. In the end you have a “stupidly simple semantic web of media object “cauldrons” and flows build up from a local level.

"Power" is a human thing, actually it is what makes us human, it decides if you can till your land, get a job, walk the street.

Yes, talking about "power" makes anarchists uncomfortable - but we do need to.

Am talking about bootem up power, pushing top down power outa the way. Key word is push, as people/groups do not give up power without a push/fight...

The projects are designed to push hard in a soft way.

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