Hope is affective social challenge/change. The is no hope in this is carrier building and statues games for individuals.

We live in an era of reactionary politics that the rightwing use by appealing to a sense of injustice and then, instead of focusing anger on the rightful target (capitalism etc) they create a movement to serve their own class interests, in most cases this is of far right libertarianism.

Please step away from this game and

It's not just the sprit of the age, which it is, its the sprit of a tiny minority of people that is now grown into a worldwide problem from/for the and the alt-tech crew.

There are simple ways out of this mess and the and are examples of this path that we need to take.

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Of course this can and will be updated as needed, but we have a “chicken and egg” issue that we need a working affinity group/s to reach consensus on where we go. The project is a way of bootstrapping this code/process in way.

To keep “diversity of strategy” in place we are using the framework.

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And the KEY WORD is "WE" if you missed that bit as you maybe did.

WE need to build the

Not me, not your idea, not my idea... ideas that are embedded in social movement is a project for YOU and OUR community to rally round and build real alternatives to and other dogmas that shape pour dreams and lives.

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and the poison nuts of everyday life youtube.com/watch?v=9TjOX9clhw our and our whole economic system and based on these poisoned mythos. We need to build systems that run counter

Our end plan in the is that all the content is redundantly stored in the network in a way, so traditional backup is less important -when it goes wrong, and it will sometimes as we are home hosting. Just boot up a new noid put your hashtags and user info in and all your content will be sucked back in a good anufe way. This makes home hosting work well enough to scale outward to build a

This is an interesting expirence for us datacenterdynamics.com/en/news we lost our chat server in this fire.

Makes me think about the project and the that has blocked the last 10 years of rollout. Our plan has ALWAYS been home hosting of our content. BUT this has been BLOCKED due to security issues that to me are beyond pointless - looking at this fire you can kinda see the point in my view. Beyond pointless...

interesting to look back you can see the open/close argument in this article - and it was the same argument that ripped apart and is a unspoken BLOCKING of the project.

From a soft perspective you can look at this at its root is "conservatism" vs "liberalism" or fear vs hope... we live in a ear where FEAR is very strong and the is little HOPE...

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twobithistory.org/2018/05/27/s at the we are building a "stupid" grassroots version of the based on "trust" and affinity. The most important value is

it's a project worth building though it is hard to get "focus" on this in a that is at the core of the prevailing and thinking/working.

A post from a self-confessed tech "jerk" on how we got into this mess scobleizer.blog/2012/02/04/its kinda funny building a following in google+ And yes we did lose this battle in 2008 and the last 10 years of tech dev is a pile of stinking maybe it's time for composting? Do you need a shovel

bleepingcomputer.com/news/tech has nocked our chat server offline.... this highlights that some services need to be "trust" and others/most can live with "lossy" at the we are building out the "lossy" as the whole has been focused on "control" for way to long. Who is up for working on rebalancing?

Looking for resources for grassroots journalism training. Best I have found so far youtube.com/watch?v=R3nJtm5yQV and this one is interesting youtube.com/watch?v=L-x8DYTOv7 on the borderlines for stepping away from the current mess

The only question that matter is who has "power" and the only humane solution we have found so far is "democracy" to spread the power as widely as possible. This combined with "liberalism" - let people do as they like, strength in diversity.

These two have shaped the world of almost everyone reading this toot.

Our society often confuses personal power -- "power within" -- with "power over," which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference" a balancing that we try to achieve

Where can we find useable "social truths" to know what to shovel and what to build upon

We need to build based infrastructure. This needs to have radical social DNA at its roots and are examples of this. We need to abandon the 100s of pointless tech projects and at the same time step away from tech. An example of what we need a simple path out of this mess.

If you are interested in supporting the coding/#UX work of and our projects visionon.tv our two mastodon instances or the servers for then please get involved here unite.openworlds.info/explore/

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