The is a existing tested rolled out and scaled stupidly KISS set of tools and standerds that allows people to build semanticweb projects - you can use it to build an exact copy of the IMC sites and am going do that, but behind the site in the admin are levers and if people push or pull them new ways of working will apper as if by magic. its up to them if they like spellcasting.

A. The problem with this is that in the way you seem to understand it and definitely in the way you SAY it is simply irrelevant to what we are trying to build with the It's very basic stuff, think we all agree with what you are saying, but the is little common understanding of its relevance as you say it for and reboot. Q. Why are these agenders talking about the relevant to a human moderated grassroots on the ground media network?

Let me try to help share the move to the movement.


Bad - Currently most people are inside that they have no controle over and expote and manipulate them to

Good - the gives you total control, does not explote you at all and there is zero manipulation. you and your community set the agender.

The first is easy passive digital addiction, the second is harder real life community building and sustaining.

The is a social technology held togather by the that pushes into being a digital commons. What we then do with this liberated space is up to us.

If you are confused what the is, about seams lots of people are :) then its simply a network of projects that are working toawrds implementing these 5 functions organisational bound by the and with the ethical underpinnings of the hallmarks. That's about it. you can just do web searches to find backgrounds on all these subjects DIY.

If you are still confused and likly meany will be... the is a logical outcome from all these that is worth fighting for.

Talking to lots of people after the election and there seams to be a consensus that we need to reboot grassroots media. And move away from using the corporate social media to inform people outside our bubbles.

Please comment here and share this post if you are interested in making this happen.

The name Open media network () as its name implies is about building and holding bridges across the ghettos.

Please ignore all the crap that will be flying about and do something simple and positive.

It easey and sad/bad normal to miss that is a process that sets out to the healthy rather than reheat the corpse of the dead indymedia. So mine and yours is core to the dead indymedia best not to go down that path.

If you won't a media that is not inside tiny bubbles. Its basic stuff to join the millions that have already stepped away. Reboot grassroots media outside the so why not join and make the step today and play a part in building a

Why does it seam to be natural? It balances what will keep you comeing back with the comercial/state agender of the of course this is in no way showing what you won't we just rationalize that as post fact as the is no alternative

Its basic stuff we have lived in a for 40 years and its well past time to step away from this mess

Were in a mess and with out any of our own media its hard to escape this mess
If you read this with a open mind you realise the liberals are about technocratic social control. The is no good outcome from this, the people who created the problem are comeing up with "solutions" that do not address the root of the problem. Them selves and the social syteam they live and think inside. Its simple stuff

The is a project to create a powerful commons for groups to use to create spaces (communitys) of belonging in a world of equals. In a simple way it opens up a horazontalist space for happiness. What we do with this is up to us all.

For people still useing the

Remember everything you post on and the in general just reaches the echo chamber and almost nowhere outside this to really affect real outcomes. Its simple truth we need to face

Q. Recommandations for on : encrypt everything, avoid creating metadata, don't leave things unspecified (diversity means leakage).

A. This view is a reflection of the a path is the only option that might not pass through disaster

When doubt is not doubt also any moment with "truth" in the name is likely propaganda. Its not helped that is narrowed to a "liberal" understanding of the world. If you don't think and start to act to create/reboot open media networks you are part of the problem, not a part of the sulotion. Its simple stuff

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