Looking for resources for grassroots journalism training. Best I have found so far youtube.com/watch?v=R3nJtm5yQV and this one is interesting youtube.com/watch?v=L-x8DYTOv7 on the borderlines for stepping away from the current mess

The only question that matter is who has "power" and the only humane solution we have found so far is "democracy" to spread the power as widely as possible. This combined with "liberalism" - let people do as they like, strength in diversity.

These two have shaped the world of almost everyone reading this toot.

Our society often confuses personal power -- "power within" -- with "power over," which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference" a balancing that we try to achieve

Where can we find useable "social truths" to know what to shovel and what to build upon

We need to build based infrastructure. This needs to have radical social DNA at its roots and are examples of this. We need to abandon the 100s of pointless tech projects and at the same time step away from tech. An example of what we need a simple path out of this mess.

If you are interested in supporting the coding/#UX work of and our projects visionon.tv our two mastodon instances or the servers for then please get involved here unite.openworlds.info/explore/

If you are interested in supporting the work of and our projects visionon.tv our two mastodon instances or the servers for then please get involved here opencollective.com/open-media-

From 4 years ago - The are now bread and circus and the crowed control this was actually about. The sooner we admit that we live in a gatekeeperd world worst than the old traditional media the sooner we can try and really do something about this

At the we are playing a part in rebooting the

Have updated the storage backend on visionon.tv/videos/local can people watch a few videos and feedback if they have any issues.


I wrote this meany years ago for the sidebar of my blog "A river that needs crossing political and tech blogs – On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over- complexity" and we still have a long way to bridge this understanding hole

Code is ideas put into mascion motion - in this code has all the same assumptions and ideology as human beings have. Code built from the and feeding in reaction to this is going to need some composting to be humane.

The argue that security depends principally on building the conditions in which equitable relationships can develop, partly by reducing antagonism between actors, ensuring that fundamental needs can be met, and also that differences of interest can be negotiated effectively.

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building progressive alt tech we cannot repeat the behaver of the as it's a different environment, we need different agenders.

"The security context is the relationships between a security referent and its environment. From this perspective, security and insecurity depend first on whether the environment is beneficial or hostile to the referent, and also how capable is the referent of responding to its/their environment in order to survive and thrive."



We are doing the same project at the though we clearly let the users/producers define the community growing from the grassroots use. If you don't trust the people you cannot have real democratic institutions and are left with feudal ( traditional open-source dev), capitalism (the ) or (most radical tech) as a path, none of these are the world we need to be building is my view.

A wildly spread international crew have been putting a lot of work into making this a local codebase option version 1.2.0 release blog.freedombone.net/epicyon-v

The question all people who are interested in social change need to ask is at the level you are working at what do you actually have affective power over - its beyond pointless to use what little power you have trying to change things you have no power to affect. Focus on what actually has an impact on the level you are working at

My problem now is with rebooting our own media we need to get past this "control" to bring seeds of culture to life the is an international crew working to do this. You can see the test sites rolling out soon roadstonowhere.openworlds.info and indymedia.hs2rebellion.earth looking for editorial crew to plant these seeds. Its the old project rebooted from before it was ripped apart rebuild on modern standards.

* Capitalism wants to privatise metadata to the capitalists and the capitalist then control the government - fascism is back into fashion.

* Chinese communism, wants the state to control the metadata, so they can control capitalism, we are back to the command economy on steroids.

* Liberalism want to privatise metadata to the individual to return to a mythic free-market past.

* What does anarchism want is an attempt to answer this last one.


The is a standards based political software framework to build and grassroots semantic web of trust links and flows. We do this by outlining a human understandable workflow and then build radical real world apps from this. We are agnostic on the underlighing technology and programming as long as it is based.

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