OK am starting to feel like am trolling "Reimagine the Internet" as its all academic and history.

The same people and the same story we have heard for the last wasted 10 years.

Nothing so far touching on the let alone the .

It's off TOPIC I feel like shouting though out the oneway ZOOM video presentation - you can find their video's on youtube.

After proding they are talking about putting them on ;)

The key strength of this governance model is that its in this it mirrors one of the strengths of the you do not have to ask permission to start an instance in the same way you start a governance body unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med its native to the out of the box

Think this is the 3ed rejection for the FOSS project that has been rejected, and I was very NGO friendly polite. No biting was involved, yet...

"Submitted to foss-north 2021 has been updated.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to accept this session. We
do hope to see you at foss-north 2021 regardless!"

As am sure some of you likely have an idea these events are less than their outreach texts - just look at who sponsors them if you need to.

We live in a pile of tech shit - pretending it's all OK is the problem not the solution. it's not OK and the is a lot of shit shovelling needed to make compost to plant seeds.

Do you remember when all our crew were recommending we used 's then this is a good video to watch youtube.com/watch?v=WVDQEoe6ZW never trust these crew please.


Upload a PDF "No, I think not."

Trying to upload a formatted text doc to a project.

"Needs a settings change, and then its possible. But it is disabled by default, because people might upload malicious PDF’s, so there’s that."

OK that raise the question of what is a good UX safe non formatted text document. And why after 20 years of dev do I have to even ask this question. This second point is likely the more interesting one to try and ansear.

Our current language does not communicate - so lets try some new metaphors.

* I like "mess" as a metaphor for human degradation and ecological devastation.

* is the last 40 years of neo-liberalism that is the invisible in everything we touch.

* On a positive note "shit" makes good compost, and compost is good for nurturing growth.

* "shovels" are the digital tools we build on the

Hope the footnotes help ;)

If you are interested in recent history that touches on the ideology of different groups in the world ansuz.sooke.bc.ca/entry/335 you can ignore the subject if its distasteful and just look at the tech politics.

The are pure undiluted

The is like herding cats and when you work hard and scratch the surface you find the just the same.

We can't keep doing this, please try not to push agenders as the current outcome is BAD, and we need to try and make things better.

The has a fatal case of “herding cats” with its development and agender being pushed by and

AP by going the “standards root” made it out of this mess and gained a wide user base of “cats” and increasingly normal human beings.

In this history on balance, we “failed” as much as they seceded.

From 3 years ago:

Its interesting we are seeing two sides to the reboot.

You have the old:

1) The of the old alt-web keeps pushing it self into the new open, muddying the waters.

2) The are still there but doing a whole parallel project that is shrinking.

The new:

1) The new UI/openstandards apps are expanding drawing in new "virgin" users.

2) We have confusion and scaling issues, not a bad thing.

Lets not drag the new back to the old please.

Our end plan in the is that all the content is redundantly stored in the network in a way, so traditional backup is less important -when it goes wrong, and it will sometimes as we are home hosting. Just boot up a new noid put your hashtags and user info in and all your content will be sucked back in a good anufe way. This makes home hosting work well enough to scale outward to build a

The state is full of monsters.

In closed the monsters can plot and destroy/divide are control because the is no way to make a judgment you cannot have social "truth"

With open the monster are more obverse and much easy to trip up. As social "truth" is all around you.

Closed breeds monsters/open pushes them into the shadows.

We need to compost a lot of closed crap

What am trying to say is lets setup things that "look like power but aren't power" and then get on with what we all wont the lovely messy job of compost and shit and seeds and plants that make up the grow the future.

A post from a self-confessed tech "jerk" on how we got into this mess scobleizer.blog/2012/02/04/its kinda funny building a following in google+ And yes we did lose this battle in 2008 and the last 10 years of tech dev is a pile of stinking maybe it's time for composting? Do you need a shovel

Long ago view of failed projects wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Offline the and there democracy Player are a very good example to look at this process.

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