Our mission on the is to hold the bridge open between the fluffy/spiky debate visionon.tv/videos/overview please support us in the dialogue. Thanks

@charly welcome to a small part of the people are generally friendly. Though the last few weeks we have had disruption from conspiracy and right wing accounts. Think we might be on an attack list as they keep coming back. We sometimes make new accounts invite only for a time to part mediate this, just to give you a heads up.

The hashtags are designed to make the mainstream as dirty as possible so people see the need to pick up tools "spades" to clear the stinking shit and pools of piss is increasingly going to show we live in (consumerism/alienating work/greed is good) makes compost (decay of death) to plant seeds (fertile life) to grow flowers (lifecult). It's a convoluted metaphor

At the we are now running 7 servers and could do with some more help with sysadmin and maintenances. We are keeping them online but the is always stuff to fix and tweek.

We will be expanding with the test federating indymedia roll out sites over the next few days so don't be shy if you have some skills get in touch.

I am looking for examples of the last two hamishcampbell.com/index.php/2

I can’t actually think of an example where the users are actually empowered off the top of my head – ideas?

Good projects try to empower the producers/user they are not meany of these.

Can anyone think of examples?

The was ripped apart by meany forces.

pushing security theatre broke and trust based relationships

narrowed this into an irrelevant subculture.

in braced the bad in both sides for self-interest, greed and fame.

privatized data and metadata to the service of profit and social control. All the above groups played their role in this.

The is a hollow shell for most people


We have a big problem with in open tech this is not surprising after 40 years of thinking and 20 years of domination of the space. We clearly need to move away from this if the is to become relevant to our survival.


With the current reboot going on there's a lot of default thinking that is bad, and we do need to learn to judge between the good and bad paths if it's to live up to its potential. Let's start to give examples: hamishcampbell.com/index.php/2

@franklinlopez outreach looking good. Can you shout out some other radical media projects actionaly to build the network. visionon.tv and activism.openworlds.info as examples - likely lots more... the fediverse works best as a network :)

Lots of new video on visionon.tv/videos/recently-ad get the best of alt-news about social issues and makeing the world a better place on the


To move away from the current mess we have to look at (and rethink) this w3.org/standards/semanticweb/ the problem with the current aproch is and top down. This obvusly will not work,as it has always failed in the past.

So learn from the mess and stepway to a bottom up grassroots approach which is the only way of doing these things. This is what we are trying to build with the project.

It's all about who you empower.

is a fab bit of softwear. BUT it's also crap. Why do I say this? The fedivers is made up of clones of corpureat which has worked well as they bring familer concepts over from the mainstream into the alternative. The problem is a in that the developers unthinkingly bring the workflows and ideology that are embeded in the code of these mainstream projects to the project. thus the crap that needs shovaling to make compost.

Do you need a diffrent view than the mess on your TV or the is a real world on the you can find a look at it here visionon.tv/videos/watch/64cff

The is so much of this posins 'ist tech around dressed in progressive clothes that we really need to call it out decrypt.co/38930/block-one-fou BUT on the web linking to this crap promoted it - ideas for ethical composting.

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