“The is such a thing as society” we need to build our tools for this anti “common sense” statement.

The advantage of “governance” of the fediverse (which it needs if it is to become a part of our based society that is essential for social change/challenge in the era of ) is that the is non, this is a good thing.

The Fediverse comes from the “cats” of libertarianism and to a lesser extent anarchism without the (O)

@bob @msaunders Now "governance" of projects is a hot subject, and we have seen the traditional foundation model fail. You guys have had some time to look at the Fediverse native project we have been working on unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med what do you think, feedback is good to move this on.

If you are interested in the healthy of the and thus our social health, leading to ecological heath, leading to a heathy shared planet you need to stop eating the shiny/sweet and play a role in promoting open communications. The unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med are a good way for normal people to take this small step. Live and learn or keep swallowing the poison and die it's a simple stark choice you face, and we all face this TODAY.

If you are interested in some activist history this is a good place to start visionon.tv/videos/local if you would like to know what is people are watching on the openweb have a look here visionon.tv/videos/most-liked for videos about what's happening now, sometimes you can find them here visionon.tv/videos/recently-ad BUT we need more grassroots journalists pushing to the to make this work better as our network needs building out.

Am starting to see BIG problems with "Discourse" as a Forum for tools. Have been taking part in 3-4 instances. Will write a blog post on this.

To solve our "governance" issues we need to take/give "ownership" of our projects to a "messy" thus human community that actually brings the "value" to the projects.

Without this "democratic" instinct we are lost in a shit heap of power politics feeding which then feedbacks back into

This circle in praying to the we all do this and some of us need to stop doing this

With the "governance" mess at etc. its past time to look beyond our current "undemocratic" models of projects


This is a outline using the fediverse as an example of a thought through coding project with good defaults for trying different approaches for better outcomes.

We HAVE to overcome our to have a hope of a better world.

OK after looking more and giving the benefit of doubt, its due to the mash up they are using to do the presentation. Lots of people are using good tools like BBB bigbluebutton.org

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Have you seen the unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med it's a way to look at projects to see if they are or not. It's a good way of making a judgment if you should use a new project

Food for indigestion.

What we have on the fedivers matches free-market fundamentalism. Isolated individuals all pushing their own agenders with the result "common" good'ish for all.


Hope this makes some of you uncomfortable...

The state of the in the era of the

Here are 10 sample reviews to help you to understand what its about and how you can use this simple way of judging if a project is worth supporting or not unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med

Feel free to sign up for the site and add more or just publish them on your own site with the hashtag

The world nobody can be right thus the is nothing that is right except what the dominate ideology that is pushed into you as "common sense" with the being this ideology it's not going to end well for us or our ecology

Please think about this when looking at projects

What mastodon has (like all good apps) is good social security built on intelligent layers of trust and good moderation tools for both users, mods and admins. This soft security is actually mostly real were the hard-security is in the end brittle theatre as the networks and devices it runs on are inherently insecure.

The is a part of the fediverse to grow an native approach, creating distributed metadata enriched permanent stores of stories and media/data.

OK am starting to feel like am trolling "Reimagine the Internet" as its all academic and history.

The same people and the same story we have heard for the last wasted 10 years.

Nothing so far touching on the let alone the .

It's off TOPIC I feel like shouting though out the oneway ZOOM video presentation - you can find their video's on youtube.

After proding they are talking about putting them on ;)

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