They have algorithms we have human beings to shift through the fuzzy logic that moves both the and the

The one thing that is a road to failure is rigid thinking, there is little room for hard rules in this social media world.

On the political side the is arrogance and ignorance, the geek side naivety and over complexity.

It is a media war and we have no media.

We are in, befuddling times and the and agenders are not helping. In fact they make it much whereas, that's why it best to not spread the chemical crap, it's not good fertilizer, keep media organic

So we do need to reboot and rebooting the is essential to this. Your an idiot to think you can build anything real in the

Put out the same true message for the last 10 years on the and twitter mostly. Put the message out on the and mostly. The dotcons this has been blocked by the as the message not sell advertising makes uncomfortable with limits of there lives

Not spread on it is against the underling meany of the "outsiders" that live in the

Gota smile as our cultures fail

Outreach projects to your friends. Get actavist/political organizing off and the is a good first step. Nothing real at a grassroots level is happening until this mediation is mediated lots of other options but they are all built from stepping over this first stumbling

Am not a supporter. Am a disaster in and bigger disaster out supporter. With a stepaway sulution of moveing off the back to the as a social organising platform. What we do from there is then up to us.

A article about bridging projects, this thinking is needed if the openweb is going to flourish and grow back into a important part of our lives.

Three protocols and a future of the decentralized internet

It would be easey to re VO the video for a different view. Though it would be difficulty (but not impossible) to keep this different view online

I use the word "blinded" to describe meany of the people I meet in tech and grassroots movements. They are blinded for differing surface reasons, on the hippy side it is conspiracy dressed as empty spiritualism. On the liberal progressive side it is internalized neo-liberalism feeding fear, cowardice and greed. Best not to mention the process geeks...

The are paths to stepaway from this mess is one that would be empowering for both non geeks and the more technically minded.

The Ken Burns and Lynn Novick - The Vietnam War has a disgusting VO intro of blinded (ideology) dogma masquerading as truth, let's see were it goes.

My first thought. If the is to be hope in the world we have to stepaway from this, while looking back in pity and sham. We need better media in the mainstream

All of this hype on the Russian use of social media is a grab of the political class for the levers of power of our social control tools. They were originally built to feed consumerism, they will be used more and more for social control. Step away before the is nowhere to step to, use it or lose it

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@PentargonSpringer welcome to a bit of the this "instance" is only half rolled out. You can talk to over 1.5 million people who you likely do not know, but are generally much nicer than the crew you do know on etc

If your looking for a home on the is a radical space for activism that has core funding to stay on-line for a long time. Please post this out to the to help more peeps escape :)

The best technology can offer you is obfuscation.


1) don't digitize anything you wont to keep private. If you do don't put it on a Internet connected device.

2) if you have to use online services use peer to peer encryption such as do not rely on any project that is client/server.

3) Private stuff should be said/whispered some were safe out of ear shot of other people.

For more information on digital security

@jdanielricher welcome to a small part of the to make this a good experience you need to fallow 20-30 people so have a look at the federated time link and pick a few. Then do searches or click on hashtags and pick a few more.

Its a much better experience than the what are you interested in?

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Founded on #4opens, motivated by the #PGA hallmarks and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. Its an unfettered space for Activists and groups to communicate via #openweb projects.

"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

This project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to "boost" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.
Activists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.

Mastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.
You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.
There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.

We aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.

A note on Security and Privacy - these take a somewhat different shape within the #openweb. Have a read about our thoughts on the matter.

How are OMN projects run?