Worshipping the is normal in our alt tech. Example, our use of branding for horizontal projects is too focused on head bowed worship. , etc are examples of this even our use of the new term is on their knees.

I try and use to name all this stuff with the project branding on a small link at the end.

Then we can start to build a wide open movement for change/challenge and get off our knees.

We need some new ways to join the as the old ones are getting "stale" ideas?

We have not pushed the blogs with there a few codebases, but non really inspire.

is good, but also kinda socially pointless due to being too much a copy.

What are people working on as ways in?

I tried as news path. I think people do not see the as so think SMALL and think tribal, no bad thing but kinda useless for the big picture.

Been prodding this visionon.tv it's working pretty well, like the new default landing page, you get to see what people like from and on the must bring back some old school expirence we can maybe learn from today.

Nice to see the videos on neo-liberalism trending on visionon.tv/videos/local?sort=

Support video share this link to your friends.

Nice to see the videos on neo-liberalism trending on visionon.tv/videos/local?sort=

Support video share this link to your friends.

Well that is your morning dose of radical grassroots social change/challenge videos from please share and embed videos from the this in its self is a form of activism you can do from home.

On the you need to actively talk to people BEFORE you have any outreach for broadcasting. Setting up a account and SPAMing out a spew of news is not going to work.

Good to use real world examples visionon.tv/videos/overview this is a "messy consensus" process to produce a home to show activist video. It works well with almost no formal decision-making, it's a "trust" network that simply works.

The pushing of as "common sense" means that none of us can cooperate any more... this is pretty stupid, you see it everywhere on the and a less on the Where you don't see it is in the as there its built into the controlling algorithm thus is invisible.

Use the hashtag to escape this mess.

The culture of "hackers of yore" were the problem, the

There are few heroes here, all the projects that worked had strong social leadership, they were affinity groups of which the were a small part, this was the healthy stage.

The projects all DIED when the geeks took control of the foundations and the took control of the facared.

We killed the then the sold it to get carreas in the it's simple and ongoing.

Am aposed to just about all and much is adding to the mess we need to compost.

This is a problem that is best to not spread on the as someone has to clear it up after ;)

On the subject of the the are well hopeless on social technology, though some of them are looking (with blindfolds on) which is a step...

@KateJ_ welcome to the where and and messy reality combine for a progressive outcome, if we make this happen (keep it simple stupid)

Have you seen this visionon.tv we have moved all the undercurrents and visionontv archive to the we need to take the old videos and embed them in meany new places so that they spread over the network to get a feedback on views and thus social impact.

We need to reconnect contemporary activism to past activist movements to learn and mutate.

We have a big influx of new users so might be messy for a time, this is the way, as our project is we are always looking for more mods, message me here if interested.


The talking about the mess we are in with if your fluffy go out and join a action, if you are spiky go do some direct action to stop the root courses. What ever you do, do something, please stop bowing down to the

PLEASE post, embed and share videos like this from the

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