The are now playing the victim card with their crap, now calling in our is

Out with the shovals the is piles of to compost

Dig for the

The parasite classes on the are feeding. Where is the actual change/challenge what are people doing outside this scrum of spueing zombies... that is a question that we need to ask in a challenge/change way.


If you would like to know what is going on in the world/history on video is the best place to look on the

The is an obvious disaster with the so for our own motivation let's put them to one side.

Our tech is hopelessly mired in the , so we need to compost a shitload of this.

The path out of both of these paths is an old one based on trust and humanity.

Let's reboot the with grassroot democracy at its core.

This easily pushes the out to let "us" focus on useful projects, social tech needs the social/democratic.

From this dogmatic liberalism, one thried is our society's are moving to corporate socialism. That is "law" and norms are shaped to value a tiny number of the nastyist people at the "top".

Data and metadata is privateised. "National socialism" is the "comman sense" we code for/agenest.

The address this some of us need to step away and code outside "liberalism" and not in reaction to fashisam.

are natives.

An example of the

Everything we do is built on "standards" though we do have a problem of the defining bodies.

Some people like building sandcastles, it is what you are doing if you just make shit up in tech.

Actually this is fantasy as ANYTHING you are already building is already on top of a whole pile of standards.

I think people are expressing tribalism and not talking tech in practical sense at all.

What do you think?

My thoughts on where next for the

* I think single user sites have a role.

* I think federated community run servers have a role, be it house, street, village or town.

* I think media has a role running servers to feed news flows from meany different views.

* more....

I think the "geek" value is the bridging of these flows, it is what was and still is exciting with and

And keep it is a huge pile of "value".

A good organic point, maybe we can have a selection of badges.

* Traditional = metal, gold, silver, bronze

* New = organic

Would you like to name 3 organic badges for the

The project is a people who put the work in get the power, with basic process which for now is pretty much announcing things on , and then just doing it if no feedback

Chaotic is good for ruff consensus 🙂

What is

It's pushing agenda to build tech/social as if capitalism was the only economic syteam.

The and the were not built with this, thus are interesting and have potential power pushing this healthy difference into the mainstream is a dangures balancing project.

Dogmatic fluffiness here is defetrnatly not a way of helping this balance. We need more spiky on balance.

The push this "uncomfortable" truth.

the is a hard push of this shit now as the flesh is melting off there projects body's, the spin is slapping on makeup and perfume to hide the stink of rot and explotation

Don't fall into the techshit it's the snogging the zombies of the ists.

Don't become a tech zombie, chuse life and the

The is a grassroots gift economy. Over the next few weeks, huge numbers of historical activist videos are arriving. To add value/community to this flow we need moderates to put the videos into subject/channels and add tags to share them on and we need to them make stories to bridge this history to current campaigning.

Am pleased to announce we now have the entire archive of undercurrent and visionontv moving over to at at one video a hour to avoided being caught you youtube API limits. Should add over 2000 videos back to the ready for feeding into the if we ever find some coder focus :)

People come into non projects and try to change them to objectives because they think they are adding value by doing this.

This "common sense" is destroying the and feeding the

ideas on how to mediate this One thing we need to address now in a constructive way is that the right-wing has been better about co-operating around media than the left-wing for the last 10 years. What has worked for the fedivers to overcome the geekproblem is the copying of existing as tools. This copying has mediated the gap between the humanities and the sciences by taking existing (bad) human technological relationships and building copy’s in the (good) openweb.

We are looking for coders who are interested in real social change/challenge using technology planting seeds in the grassroots. Say hi if this might be you.

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