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This has been just about everyone I know for the last 10 years its well past time to step away to the healthy the tools work and the communerty is frendly

"It easy to keep crossing wires with "media" vs. personal. Media _should_ be open, with clear sources, except when protecting them. Whereas personal data should default to private" from the

What are the hashtags? were were digital would would make you rich. To were it is all a con and will kill billions due to climate chaos and political nastyness over the next 100 years. Why the hashtags? We as communerty decided to abandon the and embrace this mess. Time to pick up a spade and compost this crap, were next?

For your frends:

Its the not your phone, we have the in our pockets and we are addicted to its digital drugs. Don't fall into dispar step away to the and get your life back. Its a hard thing to detox. But its harder to stay in this mess.

The digital drug addicts are going to need detoxing to be able to give up the habits. So try not to bite them when they shit all over DIY projects. Spades we need spades, shit makes good compost ;)

A radical joining a project, its kinda problamatic if you join a mainstreaming big one. The guy who runs the big two servers, paid for by patron donations to the mastodon project is not the most radical of people - to be generous a (libertarian'ish) liberal. So when push comes to shove, and it will if you get a really radical crew onto here then you guys lose your place just like you did with the You need to look harder for a sustainable actavist instance

@franklinlopez this project is based on subject/affinity group 'instances' you should join a anarchist/actavist one rather than a general mainstreaming one. You can still talk to everyone but each has there own "ethos" and terms of service.

These guys built there careers by pushing the as media outlets. They are at last talking about the issues i have been talking about for the last 10 years. Can we now move?

Aaron Bastani is joined by Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks as they discuss the latest events across the Atlantic.

* Episode Download link (91 MB):

The was ripped apart by meany forces.

pushing securaty theater broke UI and trust based relationships

narrowed this into a irrelevant subculture.

inbraced the bad in both sides for self intrest, greed and fame.

privatised data and metadata to the service of profit and social controle. All the above groups played there role in this.

The is a hollow shell for most people


Think rebooting grassroots media and/or the would be a small step in the right direction.

Knowledge and communication are both at the base of power. We are completely powerless in the world on these subjects.

Only fantasists and loons would not agree with this simple view.


Have a chat address if anyone wants to step away from the

* Willfull stupiderty is rife on the

* Wilfull subcultures are rife on the

The world people won't to see is not rife anywhere, both sad and bad.

The is simple, just html5 linking to html5 with a sprinkling of CSS they are all text formats that humans can kinda read. Its what the have built on top to control us is the complex bit. Then the is of our apps that we need to move beyond as well

A load of my friends are shareing this. Its a mess that could lead to crap oucome in the and more shrinking 9f 5he

5G Virus Conspiracy Theory Fueled by Coordinated Effort - Bloomberg

Q. is there a non-techy alternative yet that i can suggest to my non-techy networks - theres this other place wihich is now ready to receive us, and is really easy to migrate to!

A. The answer is no and this will not change. The is not about monlithic structers of controle. But it is something better. People can be slaves or they can be free... your question: "Is the a better slavery out there" when you ask this question you need to think about this issue

Post on makes me realize that almost all my posts are saying you are a irisposable idiot to wont to stay inside facebook and for SOME look at your hand the is a bloody dagger that you used to murder the ... its not a very inspiring message.

Think we need a truth and reconciliation commission on what happened to the and the people who murdered it. Otherwise the blood stains keep comeing back ;)

Found a circle on the talking about the the issue at the hart of the problem is that geeks can't see the problem. Go round a few circals with them and arrive no nearer them seeing the problem.

Q. What is the geek problem?

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