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Plan is to go back to that stage and take the different path where we did use the and instead built out tech. Almost all contemporary tech and the ideologues' underling it are that needs composting. The project is based on this SOCIAL understanding.

A post from a few years ago.

The have poised the well of alt-media at many steps I meet defeatism and negativity. Its bad timing as mainstream is stepping away from the and need a place to step to.

Yes stupid fashionable ideas have failed agen and agen, This does not mean that the basics no longer work the

People worshipped the and put their energy into the leaving the to the to dispoal. We need shovels to clear up this mess and composting to make the current tech shit into something useful.

Food for thought today.

Open is life
Closed is death

Are our geeks feeding the

10 years ago the was all about open. Our bowing down to the has left everyone pushing for closed.

For death.

Make some compost.

Where is the positive in this mess? I would look at the current healthy projects. I would strongly advise and incurage people to "use them of lose them" and use a tool like the to step away from the obvious and pushing. Pick up a and compost the mess plant seeds of your own lived life and nurture/water the social gardens with your care.

Don't ask, just do it.

The are flocking to the reboot the have been a load of blog posts... the problem is that this is a parasite class of people... are the fragile projects healthy anuf to survive this in rush of pthogines? Where is our immune response

Are these guys still working if you want to understand why projects keep failing you can learn a lot of form this org.

created this mess, cannot fix this mess.

The built the The played its role in destroying alt-media and the

The embraced the mess for sugar and spices.

Shovels and composting come to mind - I use the shovel metaphor because its our sweat and work that will get us out of this mess.

The is no magic tech fix, it's a human problem that needs humane crew to solve it.

The blocking humanity.

Am trying to talk people through how to install Xmpp chat - its way

And "conversations" is the easiest/best chat app we have found....

At the we are playing a part in rebooting the

Have updated the storage backend on can people watch a few videos and feedback if they have any issues.


Why is not a pointless radical tech project.

In the we use this tradition to replace existing projects as new projects

mediates the churning of pointless tech projects by building things that already work.

This replicating the with versions has its limits. All code is "ideology" so bringing in the to the by direct copying has its own issues to work through.

Am using the "open/closed" metaphor to try and create a bridge to the "closed" world of software development. Without this bridge a lot of talent creates digital mess that the next group of people have to shovel to compost make space/ development.

Take note the humane world is in crises due to and the resulting fascist "solutions" to these crises.

Compost is good for growing flowers and vegetables.

This is a unspoken battle between open/closed in our social networks/communitys. At this point its good to look back at the recent history for a moment. Diaspora had funding/publicerty/lots of coders and it compleatly FAILED. Mastodon had no funding, some publicerty and a singal coder and it completely Succeeded. The first was based on CLOSED the second was based on OPEN what can we learn from this going forward?

We are talking on the about what to do with the waves of shit that will flow onto our projects from the perging of the far right in the

If you would like to understand some motivation for the rebooting of grassroots media and the first place to start is likely to read back on my blog

The implementation has suffered from the in that they have a mod workflow rather than a trust based workflow. This is a normal issue and a clear on the rollout of projects. To be discussed.

Show thread this is the shit pile most people choose when they moved off the and into the to bow down to the with every click and share. On the we worship human and natural destruction with every post we are the evil, we are the death, we are responsible.

It should not be this way

The takes how programmers think code should be written and tests it against how collectives feel code should be used.
It's a simple idea and not a new invention.
It is a core to overcoming the within the reboot of project.

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