The explosive growth of the Internet before the boom/bust/enclosure is an example of what we are a commons.

Now what we do with that "commons" is up to us.

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It easey and sad/bad normal to miss that is a process that sets out to the healthy rather than reheat the corpse of the dead indymedia. So mine and yours is core to the dead indymedia best not to go down that path.

The might be a meetup in

Sadly organised on

Ok should the title be something more relevant like rebooting indymedia - were did we come from were are we going as a way of addressing meany of the problems that indymedia ended with.

Q. No comments is the way to go, but only concern is the same moderating fights will arise within the editorial work?

A. The only answer to that one is to distribute the editorial and base the collective on trust. Then they don't have any rules/sticks to pick up and start hitting each other with.

We are needing a social if we take seriously. We need a tech reboot to go with this. What dose tech look like when we stepaway from the

Come and talk to @hamishcampbell about the and

In 2 weeks we have another

Sign up in advance! Due to building security those not on the list could find themselves denied entry.

The is being ed the question is will these reach out into the mainstream. This, for me, will depend on addressing and issues that were a part of it failing agensts the encloses.