This is an example of the it's an over complex sultion to a feed, something that itself is a inhuman problem. And it was paid for by our taxes...

Overcomplexity feeding ediction paid for by the commons is a BAD look... and our own tech funding is doing much the same .

The video is little better than worship, but the social tech it talks about is interesting.

@devinprater yep the WP install is semi broken and \i don't have the pations or focus to fix it, have rebooted so should work.

Yes, it's a mess... at the we run 6 serves so focusing on the public ones negelectioning the blog.

@catsdontbark This is right-wing conspiracy site and subject. Please do not post links from the right-wing thanks.

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@dsfgs It is irresponsible to spread such FUD. No such thing is happening. Mastodon remains AGPLv3. It is practically impossible to change the license even if there was a desire or reason for it, which there isn't. See our legal action with Gab and Truth Social.

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To some extent when small projects are funded, there's alot of pressure and expectation placed on projects.

It's like expecting someone to be a 10x engineer.

Except its 10x plus, because they need to consider, long term long-livity, providing support, documentation, legal admin, infrastructure, public relations, finding funding, community growth in one package.

It's alot of work for a small team, but lots of projects are one person. They need some support funding

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This was what feed the whole vibrant culture of the 1970 to 1990's in Europe. The social safety net was strong anufe to support a no money economy which was a big social alternative to we face now.

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Use the to JUDGE projects and then use process to change/challenge them. Ones that don't shift are compost for the seedlings of the world we would like to grow. are examples of the workflow.

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It has been messy the last 10 years, we now have piles of to compost and many bad social models to change/challenge.

gets rid of 90% of the crap and cleans up 5% left then we only have a 5% problem to ignore.

If you are not composting you are not nurturing humane seeds of social technology we need.

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Open core does it the wrong way around. It's open as a trap.

It uses FOSS contributions to build an ecosystem, then adds useful paid extensions, and when the market is big enough, removes free features. That's because open core is an approach taken by for-profit businesses.

Aside from legal ease, the reason I picked a public interest company as the legal form for...

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@otfrom Also, I’d like to see funding application and review processes for public money being done in the open. Proposals should be public, the review process should be public, and the we should all be able to see why an application was approved or rejected.

To that end, if I do ever apply for NGI or any other public funds again, I’ll be posting the application and any correspondence publicly. I urge everyone else to do the same.

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@otfrom (Would love it if our tiny not for profit could be funded from the commons but that doesn’t seem to be a thing anyone wants to help us do at the moment. Any funding that does exist, as @onepict mentioned in a separate comment, is project-based. Which is very limited, short-term thinking. So we have to be successful both under capitalism and in the post-capitalist world we want to help bring about. Not easy… trying to build a bridge.)

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I’ve always considered the “The problem with X is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” argument as a gross over-simplification so I never expected it would accurately apply to cryptocurrencies.

We need some new ways to join the as the old ones are getting "stale" ideas?

We have not pushed the blogs with there a few codebases, but non really inspire.

is good, but also kinda socially pointless due to being too much a copy.

What are people working on as ways in?

I tried as news path. I think people do not see the as so think SMALL and think tribal, no bad thing but kinda useless for the big picture.

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Am have issues finding out what to do with this. The instance is low quality, but that's not a resion to block them... flag any more SPAM than we can block this instance if needed.

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