hashtags are a shovel to compost the current tech shit piles, they are not self-expression, to treat them as such in the era of is a sin.

is easy to understand if you can look up.

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When filming Zulu (1964) in South Africa, when the authorities warned the British crew that interracial sex was punishable by whipping, the producer responded by asking "if he could have the lashes while doing it".

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/144

@aral did you spot me getting pushed around by a big policeman while holding a camera in his face (6.20) the next day a policeman I was having a friendly chat with one min was stamping on my foot when a police riot kicked off on the back gate. Was limping for 3 months... happy times ;)

In the I like to look at this differently.

In the film "freedom of choice, you choose" is the individuals getting traumatized.

Am pushing the mass walk through of the police stop and search and the healing that came from that.

As a bonus the thousand of people who were illegally stopped and searched got police compensation and nationally the abuse of "stop and search" in activism was visibly reduced for a few years.

A good social outcome.

"can choose your community" :)

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Yep trauma is a issue, why I use basic ways of looking at these things. Then it's up to the people to build up from this simplicity DIY, a grassroots aproch.

Practical approaches visionon.tv/w/nw2pRyvj1vfjx1u4 a film i made for the legal support crew of a big campaign. The repression was ongoing and strong. The healing was the mass walking through the police stop and search - this likely mediated a lot of growing trauma...

- all together push through, the HARD block crumbles.

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one thing to keep in mind, I think we/indymedia crew learned the wrong lesson from these raids/repression.

We pushed fear/control as a solution, which added to the mess

As the shows, open/trust was the path we should have taken

This ripped the project apart, leaving us in this mess.

When making judgments, let's be , to see through the mess.

Shovels and compost

Hard to see how you can do a left wing project without showing the workings

open/trust - left

We fall to easily into

fear/control - right

It's what the page is about.

Yep the whole side of the EU funding agenda is poison and only feeds the mess.

As I highlight, just about all funding is poured strate down the drain, it's the normal outcome.

unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med looking at the best funding I have found... not attacking them, opening a conversation on a OBVIOUS issue.

We can also look at the funding that is 100% poured down the drain, but we likely have little influence there.

I like to keep it positive, if possible, BUT a lot of people are which will create some fire and LOTS of smoke, It's what social change/challenge looks like... murky...

Focus on to see through the smoke.

Getting a good outcome is hard... but feel this influx of EU funding is going to do damage and little good to the health if it keeps funding to its current agenda.

Though the fediverse is drifting from its own lifestyle mess...

Let's try and mediate the funding driven damage.

Then lifestyle driven damage can mediate its self.

Looking for a better social change/challenge outcome and less mess :)

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We suffer from postmodernism feeding off neoliberalism that #blocks good outcomes.

Let's take a moment to look at this. I get round the current mess by defining left/right at a level that can't be argued if you are a "useful person".

Right-wing is motivated by Fear/control

Left-wing is motivated by Trust/open

Simple #KISS

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The story of #XML and the *huge* amount of work that has been built on top of it (#XBRL, #SVG, #RSS etc), then summarily deprecated for the "easier to use" #JSON, then re-invented step-by-step as JSON-LD or JSON-Schema is crying to be written

Can't pretend to understand how it all happened, the actors, the interests, the role of committees, the role of developers etc, but it does feel as if this is a slow motion car crash that played out over more than two decades...


We have a churning problem in alt-tec.

Activertypub was built from pubsubhub which was built from atompub with was built from RSS which was born in the high tide of the since this first step it's been down hill in progressive tech leading to the majority move to the and our current shit heap.

Our are feeding this churning, planting in sand. How to fix this? Graft the "new" onto soled roots

Stop the churn, stop it now.

@dsfgs "federated" and openweb are the same thing... The orgionly web was made up of lots of micro websites that linked to each other. It was a world wide web... If you lift the lid on the Activertypub network we have just rebuilt this orgional idea with some extra usefull "feed tech". It's a human built web, in this a

@dsfgs the majority do not want to be on the anymore. So being an alt for a moment is a down hill battle.

The problem we face is UX and disfuctional tribalism in alt is off-putting.

Then the is the issue of "digital drugs" which we have no answer to currently.

There language "social network" is poisend our language is fresh as the majority do not know what it means - but for us it means a lot.

Slow the tech churn, let's build from the web, the

@dsfgs Humm what am I saying? All my projects are embedded on linking alt history to alt-future.

One big project is to try and slow the tech churn, to push the agenda to a better balance.

We have a huge pile of tech shit to compost, let's not add more.


@dsfgs you would be right if the was not a long history to the word, we used to call meany things where now chained to the app eco system of the and think inside their worldview.

I understand it's hard to be constantly anti -

A time of crises for the long term it's the ONLY progressive thing to be.

@dsfgs communicating is a good, it's the only thing that drives social change/challenge. So having a communication gap while striving to bridge it is real change. So this is a question of balance.

As point we need extreame social change/challenge now... Let's use to move this agenda.

Open/closed is important as it challenges "us" as much as it challenges "them" we need to be the change as much as we need to change "them".

We have a test, if you can't find your way into the project by following then you are likely not much use to the project, or to humain society in general.

Asking questions on what you find from following the hashtag is VERY much incuraged. Every journey starts with a step.

You will likely need a shoval and it helps to feel welcome in the

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