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Where is the positive in this mess? I would look at the current healthy projects. I would strongly advise and incurage people to "use them of lose them" and use a tool like the to step away from the obvious and pushing. Pick up a and compost the mess plant seeds of your own lived life and nurture/water the social gardens with your care.

Don't ask, just do it.

can become parasites due to grabbing/colonizing and obscuring new forces of social challenge/change. We need active ways to mediate this problem as currently the positive powers are weak in the face of the dominating Hegemony

@bob Metaphors are human, soft. Code is hard and machine. But some thing we often do not see is that machines are made/invented/imagined by soft humans so the idea of hard logic is ALWAYS backed by soft. This is why not seeing the world with "ideolagy" is blindness at the roots of our current mess. Explaining much of the we need to move past to START to shoval compost to plant the seedlings of a new world.

Crypto-Anarchism are kinda childish in their view of social vs individual. In their current numbers they are children of the

This is an interesting project worth looking at for "security" beyond the and "privacy" apps.

@scribe the metaphors/world-vieworldview is well documented here as are the projects working out from this mess

@scribe that's a question. Kind to us as we have to deal with this mess less. Kind to them as they don't have to keep spreading the mess.

Next question :)

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The empowered disempowered, there are a whole generation of people who are empowered to disempower people. You see this a lot on and in thinking. Getting out of this mess could be nasty, ideas for kind solutions?

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We are happy to announce that a final version of the is available.

One place you can access it is at the blog of @zleap here:

Tell your local printer to print at DL size.
We are really thankful to Paul and others who've strived to keep their repos up-to-date. An SVG file is provided for translation and edits, please ask if you intend to change the message. Its CC-SA-Attribution 4.0 Intl' licensed.


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1000 flyers will take 5 hours on the bike to letterbox, or about one month to deliver into people's hands directly on your commutes/bikerides. Ask people if they are "fed up with the online algorithms, dictating what they can see?", and you'll discover quickly that *many are*!

Direct links to print-ready files and the source file are below.

Special thanks to @humanetech for coining '' and

Retoots appreciated.

If you print them — HAPPY DELIVERING!

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Am not a privacy fundemtalst, rather I believe there is more power in open than in closed and to save our societies we need power. Q. how do agenders further this?

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