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Google has 6 Mio. € a year for EU Lobbying ?

OpenProtocols, Interoperability, Freedom and the Fediverse have
0 € and
0 professional lobbyists

via MEP Karen Melchior

System Fail #5: Sick of Winning In this episode we look at the aftermath of the 2020 US Presidential elections, leading up to the so-called "Million MAGA March" in Washington, DC. We also feature an interview with Tom Nomad, author of The Masters Tools: ...

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So yesterday I went out to chalk on the ground as a thing against Black Friday. (We also had chalk spray which should stay visible for a while and feels like doing graffiti)
It's not as big as what I see on here all the time. The idea was that the people could not get around climate change and exploitation on that day, and I think a lot of people did see our messages.

Planning to do more things soon.

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- Meet The Wrong Type of Jew, The Media Doesn't Want You To Know Exists | Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

#OMN #VisionOnTV

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Hello everyone! Recently, I've been learning more about leftism and gaining an interest in mutual aid and activism. While a very general question, could anyone provide advice/resources for a beginner that wants to learn more about activism and organizing?

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Looking for something to watch tonight? Well you're in luck. System Fail 5 drops later today.

we need help to roll out the editorial side so if you feel like writing some articles for the rollout, so we can think about the workflow for this.

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Our mission on the #openweb is to hold the bridge open between the fluffy/spiky debate please support us in the dialogue. Thanks #OMN

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Facebook Is Going After Its Critics in the Name of Privacy
– The company wants to shut down an academic study of political ad targeting, just as it prepares to reinstate targeted political ads.
'...The company swears this action is not driven by a desire to silence its critics. Rather, it says it is acting on its well-known commitment to preserving its users' #privacy.

No, really.

Both of these arguments are (to use a technical term) rank bullshit. Facebook's claims that it can enforce its terms of service as though they were laws that had been passed by Congress are based on an anti-competitive suit it brought against a (now defunct) startup called Power Ventures more than a decade ago. In that suit, the company argued that allowing #Facebook users to read their messages without logging into Facebook was a crime.

The Power Ventures decision was bonkers, but that's because the law it invoked is even worse. The 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was rushed into law after Ronald Reagan saw Matthew Broderick in the movie WarGames and panicked (no, really)...'

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''Cultural Marxism' has not been 'misappropriated' by the far-right. It IS a far-right conspiracy

It doesn't "inadvertently" act as a dog-whistle. It IS a Nazi talking point...'

source tweet:

#Antifa #Fascism #AntiSemitism #AltRight

At we are good at radical grassroots media training and will be using these skills as a part of and rollout.

Can't believe this is from 2009 we have been doing radical tech for a long time. The project is still going strong, but we do need shovels to clear up the mess in the rest of radical tech

Our mission on the is to hold the bridge open between the fluffy/spiky debate please support us in the dialogue. Thanks

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#COVID19 its complex - Real crises are always used for social control by different agenders. What is the best path is complex and in the #powerpolitics mess not easy to find a clean path. We need shovels to compost the shit #OMN

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