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“The human mind is not located and stored in an individual. Rather, what we have called the individual mind is something that arises continuously in relationships between people.” Esko Kilpi via Gideon Rosenblatt

This is a simple thing that the majority of my online conections spend a lot of time pushing away i have a hashtage for this mainstream behavior

Were in a mess and with out any of our own media its hard to escape this mess

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A podcast This podcast is brought to you by Northern Anti-Media and produced on Gidumt'en clan's Cas Yikh territory, whose cheif is Waas. Tune in bi-weekly for music, news, selected readings, interviews, and updates from the on-going resistance to the klanadian invasion of Wet'suwet'en land.

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how we have been and are being conned to make a small number of people very wealthy. This is also tide to the as it is a product of freemarkit individualism.

is pritty much peek were we are at now. If positive maybe we are over the peek

digital flotsam pushed by what ever current is strong in the moment. In the digital era this is a large minoraty.

nameing a widly adopted horazontal approach to governance for the digital era.

is the horizontal digital network that took over the world 20 years ago. Now being consumed by the

is a safe way to break out of the addiction bubble while keeping in touch with your friends. One step at a time.

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if you really want a network with no potential business model you should look at p2p

The is a fundamental harm as i outline in other replays. Not knowing you are doing harm is no defence.

Its very easy to have a on as it drives ad views for the . If you are progressive you could have a sensibly conversation on the with a few million other people were human activerty/community not ad driven consumerism is the outcome

Putting content into is a feed back loop which has marginal (and reducing) affect as for example all your doing is teaching the algorithms how to sell you and everyone who interacts with your content more "stuff" and in the end ideological mind/social control.

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