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It's time to #Decentralize your internet. If you're reading this you're already decentralizing your social media. Use #Jitsi Meet to decentralize your video conferencing, and #Briar to decentralize your instant messaging. Learn about both on our about page

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@aral I was recently discussing this with a few friends (some of them work for Google and Apple). It was funny to see the divide. My main objection isn’t the API, or whether the proposed implementation is secure or anonymous; it’s not a matter of technology (which is the argument I see often from its defenders). If we normalise this sort of app, the next step is to add location because, you know, it’ll be more effective. And in a matter of years we’ll reach a point that we’ll regret.

What do you think of the hashtag for the tech unicorns?

Think you will be challanged to find anything that is not a part/contacted to the last 40 years of neo-liberal worship. Its a hard to grasp hashtag, that is deeply disturbing when understood.

What is the hashtag and why use it so much. Its about makeing liberals feel uncomfortable while they rip apart and destroy everything they value by buying factory produced organic yougut in safways ;) well it not just the yogurt (that a illustrating joke) actually it is just about everything they do in the contempery world.

Deliveroo was the poster child for venture capitalism. It's not looking so good now.

They con us to value that they are providing us a service. When in reality they are about shifting socierty to neo-liberal agenders. They are all if you take a moment to look under the surfice "services"

We all worship the when using parts of the everyday world.

Am talking from a background of political theory and sociology if you won't to bridge the gap in our conversation wikipedia is likely a half friend. I can understand where you are comeing from, from this prospective.

* Polatics is the study of "power" in society.

* Sociolagy is a social view of the human condition.

* Am not talking about personal views in my posts.

Liberals its past time to step away from this mess but to stepaway people have to actually see the (invisible to them) mess am talking about. This is why am now directly asking them to apologize. Truth and reconciliation is needed for the green world some of us desire.

Am saying to our liberals, likely 3/4 of our friends, that there world view is the PROBLEM rather than trump and boris who they take up so much social space railing against inside there (blocking) bubbles. Am looking at them as we used to look at the dirty protesters in the H blocks in the irish troubles times. Thus the spades are needed to cleanup the stinking mess our liberals made. Almost all my posts ignore the right/far right.

We all worship the

Am into calling mainstreaming liberals trolls as from my perspective they are the shit that we need our spades for composting as a urgent matter for the needed social change. I generally do not talk about trump or boris as they are a backdrop to my grass rooting project and outside the power am intrested to play a role in any push for social/ecological renewal.

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I'm currently working as a software engineer. I have many interests including coding, reading, coffee, sketching/painting, and running.

I am studying secular buddhism and stoicism, and try to live my life based on a set of ethics pulled from those sources.

I'm excited to be a part of this community and get to know all of you!


The last 40 years of worshiping at the

The "liberals" have to say sorry for there dogmatic brothers. When we get a strong social apology we can move on.

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@sammin4change @witchescauldron
Welcome to the fediverse.

Feel free to introduce yourself with a '#'introduction toot when you are comfortable.

are used for and indexing so you'll see that we like to use them. Some are scared to use them out of fear of attracting trolls.

Happy tooting/fediversing.

“This is the Internet”


This Odata is the project.

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If you’re a developer and you cannot make an app without riddling it with surveillance-based components and APIs by Google, Facebook, etc., you’re a really bad developer.

Stop being so careless, lazy, and thoughtless and learn how to make apps that respect people’s rights.

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Being a good developer isn’t about writing good code. It’s about making tools that improve people’s lives without compromising their rights, freedom, and safety.

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If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.

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And I know it’s not easy to be a good developer today because nearly all dev tools, libraries, etc., are made by surveillance capitalists like Google, FB, etc.

To change that we must build ethical tools for developers. That’s why I’m working on Site.js ( and Tincan (

Developers who have ethical tools that incentivise non-colonial design can build the new everyday things we need—the Small Tech—to challenge the monopoly of Big Tech in our lives.

On thing i have learned from my time on is that people don't think they have any power.

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