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A radical joining a project, its kinda problamatic if you join a mainstreaming big one. The guy who runs the big two servers, paid for by patron donations to the mastodon project is not the most radical of people - to be generous a (libertarian'ish) liberal. So when push comes to shove, and it will if you get a really radical crew onto here then you guys lose your place just like you did with the You need to look harder for a sustainable actavist instance

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Cloudflare CEO Prince dumps another $2M in $NET stock today. The mass sell off by insiders continues.

Investors beware.

If you do not understand thus see ideology then you will likely not see the intill billions of people are dieing.

Can you see why i don't not except at all my friends and the mess they make and live in, its basic stuff.

* Episode Download link (46 MB):

What action have you done to day to help your communerty stepaway from the mess in the

At the OMN project am working on likely 90% of the media coming in will be by RSS at launch dropping to 50% when running and likely leveling at 40% when mature. Yet the project is based on activertypub and Odata two later standards. What would you call this, makes me think about how to describe things, have to do a presentation here ideas?

worshippers is another metaphor for (invisible) neo-liberalism.

All the metaphors (used as hashtags) are aspects on liberalism and very critical of neo-liberalism. The idea is to make mainstream thinking dirty.

You rarely get anywhere by simply renaming things. All you do is lose the historical thried and then recreate the same mess. is often the motivation for this and its a big sin in the liberals and "post politics" crew.

A metaphor that individualism makes us stupid and that to live outside a balence of individualistic vs communerty is stupid. Yes its an aspect of liberalism and capitalism and at an extream with neo-liberalism.

Its intresting that ideological thinking is "invisible" with out this viewpoint i can't see how anyone can think? Neo-liberalisam has dug deep onto our brains is a simple message. But the problem is that this message is based on thinking that is "invisible" to most people. We are truly fucked on this path, ideas?

Do you understand what a is? You have likely been drinking it for the last 20 years

@franklinlopez this project is based on subject/affinity group 'instances' you should join a anarchist/actavist one rather than a general mainstreaming one. You can still talk to everyone but each has there own "ethos" and terms of service.

The is invisible and inside everything we think about and most things we touch if you can't see it you have no way or desire to fight against it. This is why we are in this mess.

Am doing a talk at this event about the reboot project.

Need help on how to get the and crew to understand "social technology" thinking and resulting projects built on the

This is a hard sell, even though crew are probably the best ordnance around for this kinda project.

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Whatever the scandals, it's likely that I'll continue using #Firefox derived browsers for the foreseeable. Maybe if Mozilla tanks then Tor Browser will switch to Chromium.

Well, what part did you play in this list what part are you playing tomorrow? Its never to late to do what needs doing.

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