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Trust when you hear the sound of the forest, the life swelling from within, that you should not harm it.
Trust the whispers when you feel the wind pass through the trees - they carry the warnings of what shall pass should you remove them.


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"Nature has no voice" is a lie, told by those with good intentions to bring about positive change (for all life).

The truth is Nature has all voices.
We must simply stop to listen.
Take a breath to have the time to witness before doing.

Too much doing, getting things done, having, wanting, demanding, craving.

We need only be, with awareness and discernment - with careful thought applied only when required, not as a perpetual state of mind - trust.


This is our more geeky template for the project we would love feedback on this (it needs it, though keep it polite please)

Truth and reconciliation is needed over the evil outcome of our cat memes

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“In their relentless pursuit of engagement and profits, these platforms created algorithms that amplify #hatespeech, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.”

“Facebook’s own research revealed that 64 percent of the time a person joins an extremist #Facebook Group, they do so because the platform recommended it. Facebook has also acknowledged that pages and groups associated with #QAnon extremism had at least 3 million members, meaning Facebook helped radicalize 2 million people.”

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Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it

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If you need to understand why we are in this mess then worth watching these videos This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ The Chicago School (Part 5)

The are at the core of our current social tech shit heap in grassroots media. With the careerist pissing from the other side. Shit makes good compost, and we have shovels its well pastime for composting, lets grow flowers

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Over the next few years the world is going to start to realize how bad of an idea it was to let private US tech rise to the level of public utilities while also privatizing accountability and other basic functions to the same companies who's only goal is stock price.

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New radical content every day on see the best from the fluffy and the spiky side of activism from around the world, a project of the #OMN we are rolling out local news sites now with #indymediaback get involved.

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I don't think #Amazon kicking Parler off AWS sets a dangerous precedent. It doesn't really set any precedent. Lots of things have been kicked off of AWS over a long period of time. Trump goons just happen to be the latest.

And let's not forget, AWS is not the #OpenWeb. It's private infrastructure owned and controlled by one of the richest oligarchs, which happens to be rented out. Fall out of favor with The Bezosinator and it's hasta la vista baby. AWS is primarily what made Bezos into a multi-multi-multi-billionaire. It's his main shtick.

There is really no cloud. There are only computers owned by other people, which they can do whatever the heck they like with based upon whatever rationale they happen to have dreamed up this week.


If people would like to get involved we have a new local codebase rolling out now have had lots of radical grassroots projects running over the last 10 years. Currently, like for its mix of spiky/fluffy video content.

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