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Knock, Knock are a form of organising first and self expression second.

Most usage is a function of this is a problem as the is strong value in hashtags. They are a tool for organizing outside the constraints they are not a toy for childish individualism - now that is NOT a controversial thing to say in the era.

It's now hard to get an easy view of the death of as a lot of the most shitty behaver was taken offline as a part of the ripping that tore the project apart. This is a problem that we strongly need to mediate when implementing "individualistic" rights/workflows. We need to keep metadata flows intact to build trust and history this raises questions on the balance between privacy and transparency.

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The start of the end for with the project splitting into open/closed and the growing intolerances on both sides

What should look like?

To highlight most of the blocks are coming from the side though the /workflow it self is a interesting challenge we have not got to yet :)

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Am trying to talk people through how to install Xmpp chat - its way

And "conversations" is the easiest/best chat app we have found....

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Self-promotion in the fediverse:

Dansup, a pro: here's some screenshots of exciting features that will one day come to my home-spun federated server!

Me, a troglodyte: here's some screenshots of my frontend, plus daily updates about my spaghetti code hobbled together through reading tutorials, and me constantly indicating that I barely know what I'm doing.
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@onepict @witchescauldron

looking at the current site although Peertube can work well it is sometimes laggy, and people have got used to the video playing in 1-2 seconds, if they don't see it they assume something is wrong unless they *really* want to watch it (and there is so much competing for attention nowadays) - even YouTube loses viewers when their servers lag (which can happen quite often)

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@witchescauldron @onepict

the blogpost explains #4Opens well enough, I think what is needed are more examples of sites using these principles and maybe also to get these into other sites that aren't single political campaigns but "fun" sites too for sharing art, music, entertainment videos etc (working on PeerTube might be a way of doing this)

The is coding for Serenity/security/certainty where it does not exist - this is the root to the withering tree of digital fascism.

It's anti-human not surprisingly.

The is trusting in humane networks to build their own workflow of "trust" this is the root to democracy.

This is human, all to human.

Yes I really do use the word "fascism" as this is where the current leave us with the pushing of driving righwing politics.

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The project #OMN we are building from the grassroots up as have little hope from the progressive top down crew to do anything meaningful on this front.

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Its democracy or widespread death and the digital era you can't run democracy without the #4opens so this has to be at the root of our garden of ideas.

How would you edit the #4opens to make it more understandable for outreach

We live in a "post truth" world where our everyday life is shaped by "cults" on one side you have the air we breathe of neo-liberalism on the other you have blocking the bridges and languishing in jails the of both in their ways are "cults".

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