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Speaking of . Does anyone on Fedi know someone at ().

We are now actively being blocked from making edits over Tor. An admin named Taivo is saying we haven't made enough edits outside of Tor, for our reputation to be known.

Having to use other systems to stay anonymous is oft unworkable.


Please boost so someone at sees this and can help. Our talk page:

created this mess, cannot fix this mess.

The built the The played its role in destroying alt-media and the

The embraced the mess for sugar and spices.

Shovels and composting come to mind - I use the shovel metaphor because its our sweat and work that will get us out of this mess.

The is no magic tech fix, it's a human problem that needs humane crew to solve it.

The blocking humanity.

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@bob @bjoern @codesections

We need to shift focus from the user/bigtech divide and move it to the widening "producer".

We need to build up our democratic society by blurring the divide between producer/ user. we need to push right down/balance the power of the #geek in bigtech/Alt-tech.

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@bob @bjoern @codesections

Democracy is NEVER about empowering tiny numbers of "elites" from any prospective.

We need structers without centralisation. Don't grasp POWER, spread POWER

#indymediaback #4opens #OMN

The strength of the is "accidental" it's not in the standards, it's not in the codebase, it's not in the power politics that these forces play. It's in the good and process. Everything else is a distraction and if this distraction gains too much power it will likely self-destruct into infighting and ripping apart.

The only question that matter is who has "power" and the only humane solution we have found so far is "democracy" to spread the power as widely as possible. This combined with "liberalism" - let people do as they like, strength in diversity.

These two have shaped the world of almost everyone reading this toot.

Our society often confuses personal power -- "power within" -- with "power over," which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference" a balancing that we try to achieve

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Bitcoin consumes 'more electricity than Argentina'
'Bitcoin uses more electricity annually than the whole of Argentina, analysis by Cambridge University suggests.

"Mining" for the cryptocurrency is power-hungry, involving heavy computer calculations to verify transactions.

Cambridge researchers say it consumes around 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year - and is unlikely to fall unless the value of the currency slumps...'

#Capitalism #crypto #BitCoin

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This is a TEST site up of what a more general news #indymediaback site would look like - you can publish to this using the #fedivers hashtag #indymedia give it a go.

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#indymediaback Looking for a Python guru, who’s comfortable with HTML and CSS We are working as much as possible to build this out by consensus - so minimizing the changes to the #indymedia project - we’ve developed a fork of Epicyon that mirrors the original workflow and visually follows the “original” look. offering a bounty of about £100 in BTC

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@hamishcampbell It was actually Netscape, whose implementation of Certificate Authorities took place in the mid 1990s "in a series of 4am decisions". Subsequent Mozilla and other browsers adopted the same centralized certificate system, with no ability for the user to decide who to trust.

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How Britain Could Become a Failed State | George Monbiot what to do with this mess?

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I was
reminded today of the reboot of #indymedia which in light of todays media landscape and corporate narrative, we need more than ever!

The reboot of the indymedia project

We are a wide affinity group working to reboot the global indymedia network using modern federated protocols such as #activitypub.

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An excellent podcast that discusses the historical significance of #indymedia
Radio Survivor Podcast: Podcast #215 – Lessons Indymedia Has for Us Today #radiosurvivor

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We have very kindly been gifted 4 mBTC (0.004 bitcoin) which can be transferred directly to a wallet of your choosing within the next 2 weeks, upon successful completion.

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