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@bob @msaunders Now "governance" of projects is a hot subject, and we have seen the traditional foundation model fail. You guys have had some time to look at the Fediverse native project we have been working on what do you think, feedback is good to move this on.

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I notice talk of micropayments and banks. In the context of the web, micropayments are all about creating barriers to access and reinforcing existing privileges. The people deemed worthy of income are always coincidentally the already wealthy minority.

Where you have micropayments you also have microloans, and the history of such is synonymous with exploitative schemes.

Banks too are points of centralisation, surveillance and social control. We should not be in the business of trying to entrench those structures into online systems any further than they already are.

Turning social media into a form of accountancy would be a disastrous outcome IMHO. I do not want a web of paywalls.

Admin boosted makes hosting your own Mastodon instance really easy: they do the installation, maintenance and upgrades, you do the non-technical stuff. You can follow them at:

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More info on their website at

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We have to stop our #fashionista falling for this #encryptionist crap

NFTs are actually a terrible way to support artists. most artists don't break even on NFTs. the only people you are supporting are greedy pyramid scheme salesmen, and unnecessarily acidifying the oceans

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@forte The idea is the same as DRM it's taking something that duse not exist - scarcity - and adding it to something that dose not need it the #openweb its a #deathcult dream that is not only stupid and pointless its accelerating humanity's push for misery and ecological catastrophe. If you push this shit you ARE a nasty person.

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@calculsoberic @herag @cjd @cypnk NFTs are actually a terrible way to support artists. most artists don't break even on NFTs. the only people you are supporting are greedy pyramid scheme salesmen, and unnecessarily acidifying the oceans

People can be very "stupid" when it comes to culture. It takes a wide rang of skills to make anything that is useful so as isolated (independent) individuals we can starve or ingest the crap, in tech we do this without thinking. It's a problem.

"It takes a village to raise a child" this applies to all of life.

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Also, as always, we are not funded by Big Tech or by so-called “tech for good/privacy orgs” that are themselves funded by Big Tech… we are funded by the people like you and me. If you want to help us continue to exist, you can make a one-time donation or become a patron at

#SmallTech #SmallWeb

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If you are interested in the healthy of the and thus our social health, leading to ecological heath, leading to a heathy shared planet you need to stop eating the shiny/sweet and play a role in promoting open communications. The are a good way for normal people to take this small step. Live and learn or keep swallowing the poison and die it's a simple stark choice you face, and we all face this TODAY.

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Bureaucracy is often evil. Beware of creating hierarchical “representation” structures which abstract away people's real agency. Abstractions are amenable to manipulation and capture.

Can we try agen are shiny toys that are ripping our society apart as we consume them like colourful sweets...

What's the truth to this? Focus please.

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Words have meaning, I mean the are shiny toys that explote you in the end, so we have to stop consuming them if we are to save the planet, see

Changing the subject to attacks, is in no way an ansear.

Words have meaning a few posts on this subject.

Feeling insulted is not a view of truth, it's a feeling.

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mass surveilliance and Gargrons collaboration as/with bootlickers 

@paulfree14 However, whether or not Gargron is surveilling us seems like a very minor issue right now. Other instances than m.s. are available, as they say.

If I remember it rightly a lot of that was about trying to control "fake news". The problem was that they had done no research on the fediverse and it was the usual gravy train for certain middle class people from certain approved institutions. Every few years there is a new political issue and the gravy train rolls on to its next embarkation point. I bet the next one will be something like "monitoring social networks for people expressing symptoms of diseases".

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What do you think of the #dotcons #DIY issue, and how do we move to reboot the #DIY aproch and push away from the #dotcons aproch?

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What does it say that this management job at the Library of Congress requires Top Secret clearance?

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At the #OMN we have been running a wide scale test of federated trust based moderation at it has worked remarkably well with zero issues with the limited tools set #peertube provides. So with the full tools set we build out with the #OMN it should scale to become an important part of the #openweb and help to mediate the #geekproblem for a good social outcome.

Q. You’re also drawing attention to the very hard idea of “diversity of tactics” - using different tools in different settings.

A. It’s a miracle when the two sides can hold this bridge in place, the effect of this miracle is more powerful outcome for both agenders BUT the longer this bridge is held in place the stronger the internal and outside forces push to demolish it - it falls, have never seen a bridge hold for the whole campaign.

Q. You’re bringing in the idea of “fluffy” and “spiky”. And you think both have merit.

A. Have been working with bridging this often hostile divide for more than 30 years in hundreds of campaigns on the ground and online. The best outcome you can hope for is “diversity of tactics/strategy”

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