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*mozilla does something incredibly stupid with their browser*

me: well fuck you I"ll go use something else then!

*every other browser is literally just a chromium clone*

Ah,,,,well, fuck that then

spent the last few months putting bridges in place, but everyone just keeps wondering off so then spend lots of time trying to hold the bridges from falling down... goda get some self standing bridges with soled foundations :) am very happy with at mo

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Tired: owning shares in ExxonMobil
Wired: owning Bitcoin

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RT @ncweaver
And this is exactly why nobody should really cry if the entire cryptocurrency space is burned to the ground:
At best is a bunch of parimutuel gambling in a crooked casino, not anything that represents actual economic value.

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FOSS' greatest weakness is elitist programmers refusing to make their work accessible to less technically inclined users than themselves.

Commercial software's greatest weakness is its unwillingness to allow technically more inclined users to understand more of what's below the surface.

The greatest obstacle to progress in most areas is "if it ain't broken, don't fix it"

Looking at the two plume has a image gallery which makes things simpler

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Getting exhausted of WP for my blogs what do people think between Plume vs Write Freely

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Anyone know of any resources for facilitating introductions to fediverse/open-source tech to anarchist/mutual-aid groups? I feel like unless a group has a technologist who's already into it, it's difficult to implement. Spent the morning on a call with a mutual aid project who was suffering from a bot attack and couldn't easily/quickly do anything about it because of working on proprietary platforms.

Our powerlessness feeds our desire to hate, which is why controversy driven are such a problem as they feed and feed off both problems. It's a good business model but bad for us and our environment.
We need to step away from this mess

Yep, it’s not a good look and is clearly not a debate more a argument blocking foundation building that’s needed, what to do about this?

Maybe changing the tital to be less passive-aggressive might be constructive.

Middle-aged men and pissing contests come to mind over much of this tried, its interesting to look back and see talking about this problem was how it actually started Suggestions to have productive discussions about governance?

@BillySmith what do you think of the behaver on this thried its been the same everytime I meet these guys in persion... They are not "bad" people we all agree but they are very dogmatic, andto turn you likly thinking on its head, they love to demolish rather than build. it's a problem.

Assumption: the world is fucked, see The fluffy crew are not doing anything to change/challenge to save the day for billions of peoples futures, actually most of them are selling us out rather than helping, not saying this group here just “fluffy” in general.

Proposal: do something challenging, cooperation can be messy as well as orderly, this can be a good thing, already posted meany link to the messy “governance” project.

Q. And I also think that “raising the lid” - starting to see and say what is going on - can sometimes start to build a bridge. Sometimes.

A. Bridge building between invisible world views is the hardest thing to do, but it’s also the most productive if the bridge can be held in place. There are strong ing forces.

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The ends do not justify the means.

Literature on the web says is powered by hashtags like . It is the only way to on Fedi ethically, ie. a person should only be found based on keywords and phrases *they* choose. By not using you are dismissing an integral part of Fedi.

Forgetting hashtags, theres the Federated timeline if you don't follow anyone. Other prompts can inform till 15 follows.

We suggested a Variety timeline.

@dansup @grishka @humanetech

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European border policies are a testing field for dehumanizing technologies towards migrants, which are likely to be later used on European citizens as well.
We need better oversight to ensure ethical requirements are met, I explain in this report:

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