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#makeinghistory is exactly the same #OMN project and workflow as the #indymedia project – just a different template on top. We need to work to add this tag function

Admin boosted The children of Thatcher and Reagan are limited in their world views – they have been brought up and nurtured in the neo-liberal #deathcult

Admin boosted In the #fedivers and wider #openweb rivers, we have increasing inflows of funding from the traditional bureaucracy. This, on the one hand, is feeding the grassroots and on the other hand shaping to a more #mainstreaming river.

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This is worth a look we used these guys as we were shutting down our not for profit ltd company which was draining core funding and taking way too much burocratic focus from what was fundamentally a #disorganisation this was a pragmatic step, that has worked relatively well for the #OMN

Admin boosted #NGO crew are wannabe hierarchical who hide in plain site inside every grassroots movement, they push “common-sense” agenda to “tidy” the mess that is essential to horizontal organisation.

Admin boosted The network is made of pipes and holding tanks with different end connectors. The idea is that every part, in abstract, is understandable by a normaliseish human being.

Admin boosted The #IMC project is an affinity group – so we are planing to work through consensus and diversity of strategy to move the project past where it was ripped apart by internal stresses after 10 years of running as a successfully worldwide radical grassroots media project.

Admin boosted To put this bluntly, its #DIY or death as #XR says in the streets. Hope this #KISS aproch helps to build a bridge – up to you guys to hold this bridge in place.

#OMN projects are tools for YOU to change/challenge the world we live/die in.

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@Hamishcampbell I'm not following. What's the idea / what's the problem being solved?

@elb @emenel Have been working with bridging this often hostile divide for more than 30 years in hundreds of campaigns on the ground and online. The best outcome you can hope for is “diversity of tactics/strategy” If  you look at contemporary programming – you will see in theory something that looks like anarchism and in realty something that feels like Stalinist USSR or Nazi Germany. The need for control and security is at the base of our culture, it is an inhumane outcome, code should always be messy as should our society. What has worked for the fedivers to overcome the geekproblem is the copying of existing as tools. This copying has mediated the gap between the humanities and the sciences by taking existing (bad) human technological relationships and building copy’s in the (good) openweb. The is about building bootem up trust based media networks for publishing and soughing content with enriched metadata flows. In the end you have a “stupidly simple semantic web of media object “cauldrons” and flows build up from a local level.

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Capitalism is a machine for creating shortages and scarcity.

If some resource is abundant, that means it costs basically nothing, meaning you can add labour to it and sell it and make a profit (e.g. bottled water), or even better use technology (e.g. NFTs) or laws (e.g. the DMCA) to enclose the abundant things, making the previously abundant things now scarce, and unable to be accessed by some (poor) people.

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@thegibson i love how AWS has deskilled companies of hardware and systems maintenance skills, and are now selling it back to them, as a service.

The is a course and affect problem with this "common sense" right-wing push into our SoCal media thinking.

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Let's test if the #encryptionist project works, attempt number 02 you can help fund the #OMN project to push development and keep the servers online. The uri is

Last time a week was wasted trying to get a donation through, we failed and the money never arrived, let's try agen, can we find a use for this tech

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Blaming the systemic problems of a predatory system working as designed on the personal responsibility failures of its victims is capitalism’s greatest slight of hand.

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