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The San Francisco Police Department illegally spied on Black-led protests against police violence in 2020. Watch @eff and @ACLU_NorCal ask a court to hold SFPD accountable at a livestreamed hearing.

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Just posting to say the reason dystopian fiction is such good escapism is due to the wish that there was only one monolithic and overarching problem from which all problems stem that heroes could fight against, even if they lose, rather than the reality of many small, rooted, and pervasive problems growing from all levels of society that are much more nuanced and difficult to recognize, let alone fight, and let alone win.
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Very provocative article on open source, by none other than the creator of Ruby on Rails: "I won't let you pay me for my open source".

This sentence is worth the price of admission alone:

"Both Gates and Stallman built their life’s work on the back of copyright law. One with the right to extract gobs of money from his proprietary software [...]. The other with the right to extract contributions [...] from users of his open source software."

The parasite classes on the are feeding. Where is the actual change/challenge what are people doing outside this scrum of spueing zombies... that is a question that we need to ask in a challenge/change way.


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The is invisible to people who look for "power", it is opaque to people who look for status, it's beyond useless for people who look for money.

What is it good for,? if you can see value, please add your thoughts in comments:

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With neo-liberalism our "common sense" is going to kill millions of us and make billions of us refugees in the next hundred years.

Don't be a #blocking slave, think outside #mainstreaming and build different world views, you might be surprised when one works

#OMN #OGB #indymediaback

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I don't care about the new Disney film or how "progressive" it's supposed to be. If it's a Disney product, it cannot be progressive, simple as that. Disney is the coloniser of our collective imagination.

Nuts and nutters have push crypto capitalism over our grassroots networks. This is a bad look

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🚀 Open-Media-Network is at 19% of their next goal: Cover basic running costs.
Help us get there! 🙌

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Most good software tech value is in the social "use" the technical codeing it self has little value, the are huge piles of decaying code with little "use" value.

The is that this "value" is invisible to the people codeing that then end up adding more churn to the techshit pile.

Q. Value, use the look at outreach and long open social threads. Do not push codeing.

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The main takeaway from this whole crypto-no-crypto-web3 shitshow seems to be a massive tainting of the word "decentralization".

Which is a really worrisome collateral damage for all the worthy projects working on *actual* decentralization and returning technology where it belongs - into peoples' hands.

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moxie seems to believe there are only two options for how services can be hosted: self-hosting or commercial hosting.

completely ignoring community hosting.

that reinforces my feel that community hosting is one of the biggest advantages of fedi.

(he is absolutely right that #web3 is crap, of course)

Our old friends in activism took the heathy internal stresses that were braking projects like to feed a vampire class, to built careers feeding on and draining grassroots corpus for 20 years.

It's not a good look these people are the ones you talk to when you talk to "power".

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This is the problem, not the solution.

Worth a read to see the issue of feeding off the state and the VC poison that shapes the ploughing over grassroots by the

These people are adding to the shifting the focus to pointlessness. But they were "our" people at one time.

The current plan is to build a production/coding team, go for funding, expanding the coding team, build the tools, test the tools, roll out this test to a real user base - likely not the to test. While these last stages are happening, we can try and ratify it though some process on socialhub or just roll it out and see if people use it, both are fine by me.

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