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For your frends:

Its the not your phone, we have the in our pockets and we are addicted to its digital drugs. Don't fall into dispar step away to the and get your life back. Its a hard thing to detox. But its harder to stay in this mess.

We got into this mess how do we get out of it?

As Marx said, “Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past”.

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Is it time to adopt a ?

and can help us cut through the . Even if we don't use Tor. Using services like for and for we can help to break the existing power structure.

How we use affects us.

is not enough. We also need to , , with powerholders and where needed. We need to get .

Smarter use of tech can get us there faster.

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@Terry, @georgia, would you download a contact tracing app if it were open source?

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This instance is a place to plan and talk about direct action in a practical ways, yes we can wax philosophical at times which is fine but in the end it comes back to real people doing real things on real ground to affect real power relationships. To work towards a more "horazontal" world for everyone and everything.

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doesn't proliferate racism, , & on his own -- he has the help of & . We should be boycotting /all/ programs not just Hennity.

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Newbie here in Mastodon. Trying to get away from corporate social networking giant Facebook. 😀

The digital drug addicts are going to need detoxing to be able to give up the habits. So try not to bite them when they shit all over DIY projects. Spades we need spades, shit makes good compost ;)

With out seeing the worship of everyday life how can people even see alternatives that might be real.

After you have your moment of enlightenment from this slumber what's the place for clearing up this social mess. Do you need a

What is the and the issue.

400 new securaty problems have just been announced for 40% of the devices in our pockets. This same story happens every month or so... these problems are at the chip level and can never be fixed in the device in your pocket.

Our "phones" are as complex as anything built by human beings. Think the British or Roman empire level of complexity siting in your pocket feeding you social media updates.

The geeks have been lieing to themselves and to us that there code can be "secure" on these devices. This has been going on for 20 years, the fantasy has been built on top of this lie, as well as our banking and governance.

Take a moment to think about this mess.

The is a way out networks move us to a different place, and likely set of problems ;)

If you are intrested in radical grassroots media fallow @franklinlopez for updates on his projects.

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wants searches to dominate the top *4* choices (a full screen) in the preferences, with 's MS search on top, & MS itself (DDG's biggest partner) 2nd: Why that's a bad idea:

What is a its a simple, people who do what is fashernable. The complexity is that am talking about polatics, tecnolagy, and social change rather than cloths and records. The ideas are the same the subjects are different.

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