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Now I'm once again wondering what it'd take to set up a cooperatively owned payment processor.

The internet have so much potential in allowing connections between individuals to also be a significant part of "the economy", but that requires having infrastructure that doesn't actively work against such an ideal.

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Like I really, really hate that we keep forcing people to just trust a stranger with their identity, their content, their info. And I HATE the prevailing stigma that things like domain names are expensive (like can we get a co-operative subdomain system going?! where are my #socialists at?! Lol) that can serve as a beginning anchor for people to get some "claim" in the Web.

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Hi all. I am not exactly . Changed server to better suit my needs.
My interests are
I hope to find a safe and friendly home here.

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Are these guys still working if you want to understand why projects keep failing you can learn a lot of form this org.

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Twitter could be launching the first decentralized social network


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I understand what you say. I guess the problem with the word "politics" - just like words such as "capitalism" and "socialism" - is that they are overloaded with too many meanings and controversy. To the extent that even using the words in any conversation leads to misunderstandings and discussions that are sidelining the topics at hand.

We really need new terminology to community new progressive topics that lead us to a brighter future for humanity :)

@drq @dsfgs @nestort

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OPERATOR: Yes, your internet is downgraded to dialup speed.

PLEB: Why?

OPERATOR: Because you use words like 'pleb'.

Oh and we might cut your connection forty-seven times a day too.

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@witchescauldron @petros @humanetech @dsfgs @nestort The political power is ourselves. In truth we never relinquished it, and kings or presidents were only ever pretenders.

The history of humans is long, and capitalism is just a few hundred years at most. Things were sustainable before, and they will need to return to being so.

The history of capitalism is a history of systemic plunder and theft. In the midst of pandemic we can even see this manifest most grimly as stolen life, for the profit of a few. Sustainability means reversing the plunder, and bringing a levelling.

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Well, it is a matter of definition then. And we're aligned in our thinking. Yes, you adopt a political stance, and from then on you live by it, out of conviction.

Like, you embrace the concept that hypercapitalism is the "rot of humanity".

On that premise the solution-oriented initiative can be set up, without fighting hypercapitalism *head-on* on a day-to-day basis

All activity in building solutions then is along a non-hypercapitalist path forward

@petros @witchescauldron @nestort

Yes it's understandably hard to see beyond "common-sense". This does not mean you should not try :)

"Politics"/ideology is a useful tool to open up this wider views.

Look up from your worship of the for a moment :)

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In this lockdown If you would like to watch some good TV that is not on #netflix you can see some good scifi - PIONEER ONE at

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