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A Silicon Valley VC-funded startup succeeds or fails based on how fast it can grow. At the start, it needs YOU to grow. It will put its best face forward and promise to be nice. Once it has grown enough and it no longer needs you (see: network effects), you have little to no power to affect its behaviour. That’s when you get screwed. Maybe not all at once (see: slowly-boiling frogs) but eventually, sure enough.

So exercise your power when you have it. At the start. By looking the other way.

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Shocked by the and violent from in .

The film based on the event, "Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood" looks like something every ought see, if they are preparing to undertake .

Sorry for the late response, we said we'd tale a look and its been over a month.

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This would actually be an amazingly effective way to teach people how computers work and what computer programming is.

🐦🔗: The is a large amount of pointlessness in the world, open up a space and pointlessness will flood in. While meaning mostly its self is just noise that soon fades.

If you think an account is SPAM or rightwing/conspiracy please flag them for a admin to look at thanks.

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Back on #boatingeurope after leveling the boat alone for 7 months. Lots of cleaning of mold and spiders webs support at the production of the videos and get to see them early on patron.

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The undead left of the #SWP played a stupid and destructive power play. The antomus crew burned out and there "cloths" and "words" were taken up by our more liberal frends to push their reformism. The embrace of the #stupidindividualism of #failbook poisoned any hope. We are in a mess... the are projects to compost this #OMN and #indymediaback are examples. The is a good #openweb "libertarian" leaning community on the #fediverse that worth looking at is an example.

Moveing away from ossified DIY tech/projects and into the push the nuttyness into occupy. It has been a lost 10 years on

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@kolektiva is now hosting the largest collection of anarchist films anywhere with the addition of the Stuart Christie film archive!

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Into another Delta! This time our old friend The Rhine. Between the Netherlands and Belgium. We are that blue dot on the map! #boatingeurope #intothewild #rhinedelta #rhineriver #onthemove #maps #naturereserve #nationaalparkdebiesbosch

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We know that there were other economical systems than #capitalism before it but why are we stuck in it so deep that we can't even conceive the idea of seeking a way out of it as we acknowledge daily confirmations that its disadvantages largely outperform its benefits?

Is it because we are collectively bound by immersion into a practically comfortable myth?
How do we get our head out to breathe?
How do we tell the #Story we need and want?

#omn #openmedianetwork #deathcult

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Get out of the cash economy then "makeing money" is a low prioraty. To do this you need to support and build the gift economy.

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I find busyness a fascinating concept.

when people apologise that they couldn't do something because they have been so busy, it seems like it's something that is happening to them, not something they have created.

I think busyness is what they have chosen, and they will always be too busy unless they choose otherwise.

it seems to have become a status symbol in some contexts, which maybe explains it better.

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@Lofenyy @downey

They are mostly not visible, but take out few key players in a couple of local ecosystems, and the whole scene collapses. Sad truth is, we are not good in scaling work on many shoulders.

Some people get grumpy, because it is always them to do the work. Others dont bother documenting, because it is again them in the end doing it.
Some vicious circle that needs breaking, and that requires a ton of work, and caring for people doing such work.

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